Do you want to win more Facebook Poker chips? No, cheating and using bots is not the answer in fact this will often lead to you losing chips. Multi-tabling is the way forward, not only will it let you win Facebook Poker chips several times faster it is also completely legitimate and within the rules.

The playing of the games is safe and secure at the platform. The playing of the games is with the skills and intelligence to have more safety and security. The selection of the legitimate and reputed site is beneficial for the players to have the desired results. 

Facebook Poker multi-tabling is simply when you play more than 1 table at once. It is logical to think that if you can play 4 tables at once which means you will play 4 times more hands and win 4 times more in the same period of time as playing 1 table. Obviously this is only possible in online poker and not in a casino.

This is all assuming you are a winning player, if you are in fact a losing player you will just lose your chips that many times faster instead. It should be noted that the more tables you add the less time you have to concentrate on your decisions so just by playing 10 tables doesn’t mean you will win 10 times faster, you might only win 5 times faster or less depending on your ability to multi-task.

Multi-tabling with Facebook Poker is certainly not as easy as it is with real money poker sites as there is no in-built feature. In order to multi-table you have to open many instances of Facebook Poker in separate browser windows. I would then recommend you resize these windows so that all tables are visible at the same time so you can see when it is your turn. As Facebook Poker wasn’t built for multi-tabling it is very easy to miss when it is your turn. On real money poker sites the table will often pop up at you or make sound warnings to notify you that it is your turn, this is not the case at Facebook Poker.

Due to this inefficiency there is not much fun in multi-tabling Facebook Poker. You will probably have to cut out any chatting and forget any browsing in the background as you will likely time out and get kicked off all you tables. However if you just have to be in the top 100 Facebook Poker players then multi-tabling is the way forward

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