1. Call

That’s correct. Calling in the game of poker could be a weird error for most of the unexperienced Texas Hold’em gamesters. To call is of course a normal thing but the majority of the beginner gamblers do it wrong. Generally they call because they are feeling insecure as they don’t know what a hand their opponent who placed the first bet got. If you are scared in situations like that or if you see you don’t have good cards then the better decision for you is to fold or just don’t play Texas hold’em at all. Calling is generally a quite useless action. The usual actions you are supposed to take is to either bet or to raise. Calling is mainly used as a strategic approach in the situations when you want to save some money, but not to call with the single thought that you hope to make a stronger hand if some given cards happen to be drawed in the later stages of the turn. I.e. if you see you have a strong hand and you are warrant you have good chances then you better bet or raise. Here are a couple of good reasons why you have to do that:

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  • In the cases when you aim to bluff so you can confound the other players.
  • In the cases when you want to make sure there will be at least a couple more players that will probably call or raise after you.

Don’t get used to call. Just play aggressively and instigate the other players all the time. That is the way how the money gets earned in Tehas Hold’em.

  1. Place high bets in the early stages of the play.

To play Texas Hold’em with high or medium pledges is really exciting as you can feel the tension. To take the pot in Texas Hold’em with $5 or $10 bets is pretty exciting especially if you haven’t played that high bets before that. To go to the higher stages of betting can be really thrilling but can be a bad mistake in the same time. If you rush in the game faster than needed then the likelihood for you lose your money is quite big as Texas Hold’em is generally a game of skills and takes time.

Playing a small limit poker can be really very uninspired but if you realize you hardly win even there then you better don’t move to the upper level! I can guarantee that in case you can’t win in a low limit Texas Hold’em then it will be a big trouble for you to win in a game with high or no limits. Once you start playing on a $5/$10 table or higher you will find yourself among a selected group of good gamblers who have skills and aren’t doing what they do just for fun. So my suggestion is that you gradually move from tables with small blinds to tables with higher ones. There is no need to rush too much. Take your time and learn what you need. You will later have the opportunity to move to tables with higher bets when you will have better chances to win and feel the loveliness of this marvelous poker game.

  1. Bluffing

Bluffing is a method in the poker game which the gamblers use to perplex their opponents. The idea is of course to earn money but there is a problem with this method in low level games. There is no need to try to mislead your opposers as most of them are unexperienced players and bluffing just doesn’t work well. Of course there might be some situations when bluffing can be an appropriate approach but you better mostly play aggressively and forget about bluffing. Just apply aggressive bets in the cases you see you have good cards and high winning chances. Bluffing is necessary but mostly for higher level games. As more professional the tables become so more important bluffing becomes. So start on small limit tables and leave bluffing for later!