I did not grow up around gambling, nor did I really know what gambling was all about until I married my husband.

He had been to a few casinos, exposed to this type of fun.

Our first outing to a casino was mind boggling, as there were so many machines to pick from.

He so generously gave me a twenty, instructing me to make it last.

“Really… I am not going to blow this entire twenty in one sitting. I am much thriftier than that!” I exclaimed.

Feeling confident, I sat down at the Texas Tea machine as I was from Texas so I felt a common bond with this machine.

I slipped my twenty in the slot and watched the machine light up like a Christmas tree.

I looked at the numbers and did not know what I was to do but I did not want to seem like a green horn.

I then decided I would bet the highest number and the most lines I could get.

Surely…this would mean I would win some money.

Within five pulls of the one arm bandit, suddenly the machine told me I was out of money.

Surely this could not be!

I was playing on a penny machine for goodness sakes.

Do you have any idea how many pennies are in a twenty-dollar bill?

Just about that time my husband did a walk by…

“So…how’s it going?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

I do think he had been spying on me and watching me from a far.

“Well, it appears as if this machine is broken. It has taken my whole twenty dollar bill,” I exclaimed, feeling a bit irritated.

My husband reached into his pocket, handing me another twenty.

“Here honey, give it another try,” he said sweetly.

Placing the twenty in my purse, I knew I did not want him watching me so I told him I was going to find a better machine.

We departed ways until I came upon another penny machine.

This time, I watched a woman play for at least twenty minutes on the same machine.

How talented she was I thought.

It appeared as if this machine worked so much better than the Texas Tea machine that had gobbled up my twenty in a matter of seconds.

She looked at me and smiled, “Uh honey…I am going to be on this one for a while, no need to covet this one.”

I felt so silly, as I was not coveting! How dare her say I was coveting her machine! I only wanted to learn her ways.

This gambling was becoming increasingly irritating and I was not finding any enjoyment at all.

I finally sat at the Flying Pigs penny machine and decided to give it my whole twenty. I did not care if I won or lost at this point, I was going to play this game with all my heart.

Throwing caution to the wind, I placed my twenty in the slot and played max bet.

The lights lit up and the pigs started dancing off the machine. People gathered around me, as I had won the big one!

I made my way over to my husband who had once more reached into his pocket…

“So how’s it going?” He asked.

With a sad face, I told him I was not good at this gambling stuff and it would only be when pigs fly that I will ever see one cent.

Feeling sorry for me, he handed me another twenty.

I happily placed the twenty in my purse and made my way to the Flying Pig machine.

Surely…I will see Pigs Fly once more!