Roulette is a game with many different bets, including bets on red, black, zero, or the entire range of bets. And do you know which rate is considered one of the most profitable? Of course, you bet on red. With this in mind, Pkv is there to help you learn all about the benefits of betting on red sectors when it comes to online roulette.

As you know, there are several roulette varieties. One of them is European, where there are 37 sectors per wheel. 36 of them occupy figures from 1 to 36, respectively, and 37 are given below zero. But in American roulette, aside from zero, there is usually a double, so there will already be 38 sectors.

Regardless of the type of roulette, all numbers from 1 to 16 are painted in black and red – 18 sectors of each color. The color is zero and double – green.

The essence of the game is reduced to the fact that the player bets on a certain number – red or black. Depending on the type, there are rates that involve high risk, and there are those that are associated with low risk. On this parameter, they are divided into interiors and exteriors.

What is the difference between external and domestic rates? The latter involves the choice of either a specific number or a group of numbers. Of course, the chances of winning, in this case, is very small, but if you’re lucky, then the casino generates. As far as external bets are concerned, everything is the opposite. The probability of winning increases significantly, but it does not have to count on a solid jackpot.

The red bet refers at the same time to the external one. If you bet on the red area, the chances of winning are quite high, because these sectors on the roulette wheel are almost two decades, almost half of all available.

What are the chances of winning?

If the roulette was not zero, as in the case of the US – also a double zero, it would be possible to calculate the likelihood that easily, that the game rate. Let’s imagine it is – on the wheel of 36 sectors, 18 on each color. It is easy to guess that the probability of winning with a red bet is 50-50 or 50%. But if we enter zero in the game, then this probability decreases several times.

If we consider European Roulette in which 37 sectors spin, then through simple mathematical calculations, we have a chance to win at a rate of 48.64% instead of 50%.

If we compare the chances of success and payments, one can conclude that the advantage, although small, is not a player, and the casino. Compare yourself – the first indicator is 1.01 to 1, and the second – from 1 to 1.

What about American roulette? There, as we know, there is usually zero and double, so the sector becomes 38. For us, this means that the probability of winning wheel rotation is further reduced. In percentage terms, it will be 47.36%.

Regarding the casino’s advantage, the American version of roulette gives the gambling institution a larger volume. This means that the European version of the player is more profitable. And the red bet will allow you to get a 1-to-1 payout and the odds of winning should be estimated at 1.11 to 1.

Sometimes it happens that a player’s desire to play European roulette is not enough, because not all casinos offer such an opportunity. But all this game deserves to give preference.

“In jail”

Red rates are associated with such a concept as an added rule. Some casinos offer visitors the chance to try their luck in such a game.

This rule bears the French name “En Prison,” which means “in jail”. The essence is reduced to an additional opportunity for the player. If you bet on an equal chance and the ball stops at zero, then this bet can be saved for the next round. That is, the benefit is that instead of paying for the two-wheel rotation, the player will eventually pay only for one.

Is it worth it to put on red?

It is worth it, but two things must be considered. This rate is not accompanied by high risk, ie the chance to win is quite high. However, the reward itself will be small.

There is one more thing that makes bets on red attractive. They will be able to play roulette for a long time because of the high probability of winning.