Playing poker with Barack Obama sounds like a complete joy! Imagine playing poker with someone who shows all their cards the moment after they are dealt. And, it gets better – Barack Obama can’t (or doesn’t know how to) bluff his opponents. Rake in the chips and pay off the house when playing poker with Barack Obama.

Of course, Barack Obama may actually be able to play poker. It is highly possible he just doesn’t know how to apply his poker skills to being president. More specifically, Barack Obama doesn’t know how to apply his poker skills to the situation in Libya.

Barack Obama goes on television and announces that America will no longer be participating in the daily bombings of Libya. By the next morning, it was all over the news that Gaddifi had increased his attacks on his own people. Barack Obama spread his cards face up at the table and said, “This is what I have.”

Barack Obama promises, in another television appearance, that there will not be “boots on the ground.” No matter what, no American ground troops will be in Libya. He was much more emphatic about it this time. What happened? Gaddifi went to work and the attacks on the Libyan people once again increased. If Barack Obama only knew the power of the bluff!

Why on God’s green planet would Barack Obama announce to Gaddifi (and the rest of the world) that America would no longer be participating? Does he not understand that Gaddifi knows what America’s military and it’s bombs are capable of doing? To tell Gaddifi “no more American involvement on daily basis” is inviting him to wreak more havoc on Libya. Gaddifi accepted that invitation and did just that.

Barack Obama had said repeatedly there would be no ground troops in Libya. Why? America has the best trained and equipped military in the world. American Special Forces are capable of extraordinary things when dropped into a combat area. Even if there would never be boots on the ground, you should never tell the opposing side that. It is called a bluff. Gaddifi doesn’t want American forces on the ground in Libya because he knows what they are capable of doing.

“Play the player, not the cards,” is an old rule in poker. It seems that Barack Obama can’t play either one when it comes to Libya. Gaddifi was contained and not a threat to America, yet Barack Obama had to protect the interests of China and Europe. He made his little statement by sending our bombers to play with Gaddifi for a few days – his fingers crossed that this would keep China happy and willing to loan America money.

Gaddifi must be able to poker. Well, against Obama at least. Gaddifi played the player and not the cards. He slowed his attacks on his own country, wondering what was in Obama’s hand. Once Obama put those cards on the table, Gaddifi pounced.

Should Barack Obama ever take Michelle on a vacation to a casino, by all means, sit down at a poker table with him. It should prove to be quite for profitable for his poker opponents. If there is any doubt, ask Gaddifi – he’s the one with all the chips and laughing.