Live TV Roulette is not all that different to playing in a real casino; the main difference is that rather than playing on a real table with real chips, you are playing from the comfort of your own home over the internet, telephone, or your computer. The chips and table are virtual, but there is a real wheel used, so genuine results are guaranteed. If you have a smart live casino strategy that you were using in a real roulette game, then you will find that it works just as well in a TV game. But why should you pick a strategy?

As you are aware, a roulette wheel result is random; there is no way of accurately predicting what the next result will be. However, over time, the results should start to even out. Most smart live casino strategies do not involve single numbers, but regions of the wheel or outside bets. This is where Live TV roulette has its edge; the amount of statistics you can build up very quickly and that are given to you on the screen, and there are more statistics on the website.

Using the typical red or black bet as an example, when the ball spins, it’s nearly a fifty-fifty chance that the ball will be either red or black. Obviously the green skews this statistic somewhat, to around 47% red, 47% black, 6% green – fortunately, live TV roulette uses the European wheel with a single green pocket. Make sure when you are picking your smart live casino strategy that one of the requirements right at the top of the list!

What this means is that every time the wheel is spun, there is a 47/53 chance of it being one of the two. So, if there have been eight consecutive red spins, what does this make the next spin likely to be? It could just as easily be red again, as it could black. However, you are really smart live casino strategy may say that after a run of eight on one color, bet on the other! Why would you do this? Well, put simply, over an infinite amount of spins all the results should equal out. The problem is that although most live TV roulette shows are on twenty-four hours a day, there still won’t be an infinite amount of spins! So you have to do the next best thing; pick a limit at which time you think things will start evening out.

Of course, there is no guarantee that your bet will pay off on games like allbet คาสิโน. You may be better running two or three smart live casino strategies at a time. No bet on the first third for the last twelve spins? Try there. No second column for the last eighteen roulette wheel spins? Try the second column. If you want to try inside betting, look at regions of the wheel, not individual numbers. Most Live TV Roulette shows will show the areas where the ball has ended up. If there’s been no result in the six numbers surrounding the green zero in the last twenty or thirty spins for example, it may be worth attempting to place a bet there.

There are two important things to remember though when playing Live TV roulette, or any roulette for that matter. No matter how clever your smart live casino strategy is, It is never, ever guaranteed to win. The other is to stick with your strategy. If you have picked you’ll only ever bet on the opposite color after a set number of times it has turned up on a previous run, stick to it. Changing strategies half way through a game is not a good idea.