Why do people possess so many levels of obsessions? Is it inherited? According to idea marketers.com they are not inherited. They may have some effect as to you having an strong interest in something from you being simply exposed to it all your life.

Obsession means fixation, passion, craze, fascination, delusion, compulsion, fetish, mania, in the Webster dictionary. What does this tell us? That there many types of obsessions that we have all gone way over board with, or we have taken it to that next level where it has now become dangerous.

Let’s take a look at a few. Sex: A person who has an obsession with sex may fixate on it all day long. This could cause complications with an individuals job if constantly thinking of sex, or for the extreme a person who begins to act upon the urges and visit prostitutes, sex shops, multiple partners with unprotected sex.

Gambling can become an obsession as well. People whom become compulsive about gambling may visit the casinos or the stores to purchase lottery tickets, Vegas, etc more than normal. Some even go to great lengths just to play poker online. Their mind is constantly fixating on when they go again and how much they might win. They also become delusional in the fact they will win and that they never lose, or have lost the amount of money that they actually have.

Shopping is also an obsession. A person can become compassionate about shopping, hoping to find that bargain, or that perfect shirt to match the perfect jeans you bought the day earlier. A person can have a fetish for feet and love shoes, and goes every day to purchase shoes.

Sports can also become an obsession. A person can become fixated on a particular sport or team and attend all the live games and buy all the sporting wear, and listen to them on the television and the radio and talk about nothing else but sports. They are simply fascinated by the sports team.

The internet is another example of an obsession. People can become crazed by the web, and become passionate about someone they have met on line, or found a gaming site that they have a passion for.

These are just a few, there many more. But one must first recognize they have an obsession and determine if it has become a problem in their life. Just remember any obsession can turn to poison if their not monitored. With anything that we do, we must always learn to do everything in moderation.