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Casino Machines A Sous Gratuites Revenue Share Model

How commission is calculated:

You’ll receive a percentage of casino & machines a sous revenue in commission, where casino revenue is defined as:

  • Casino Revenue
  • Non-Cash Incentive
  • Progressive Contributions
  • Chargebacks
  • Commissionable Revenue

Negative balances are not carried forward. If you end the month on a negative, it will be set to zero from the beginning of the next month, unless the negative balance is because of a charge-back. In some instances, unrecovered charge-back may be loaded as negative adjustments to earnings.


Payments will be made by the 20th of every month. In the event that the commission to be paid to you in any calendar month is less than the minimum amount (dependant on payment mechanism – amounts below), Fortune Affiliates will not be obligated to make the payment until such time as the earnings are equal to or greater than the Minimum Amount. However, this is not applicable to all platforms, some programs offered by the likes of can offer you different payment options to choose from. 

Fortune Affiliates retains the right to review all earnings for possible fraud, where such fraud may be on the part of the Real New Player or on your part. Any incidence of fraud on your part constitutes a breach of this Agreement, and Fortune Affiliates retains full authority to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event of such breach.

Further, in the event that Fortune Affiliates deems that fraud has occurred, either on your part or on the part of a Real New Player, you shall not be entitled to receive any earnings, which have accrued to your benefit at such time whether such earnings were generated through fraud or otherwise. You are urged to provide accurate details concerning the manner and information relating to your preferred method of receiving earnings and Fortune Affiliates will not be held liable for your delayed receipt of earnings due to your provision of inaccurate details.

Changing earnings models

You are required to select the model you want to be applied to your account with the Affiliate Program at the time of registration. Alternatively, you are entitled to apply to change your activity-based earnings model upon 7 (seven) days written notice, where after such model shall only become effective on the first day of the month immediately following the month in which the notice of the change in earnings model is timorously given and only if such change is approved. We reserve the right to refuse such application for a change of earnings model at any time for any reason whatsoever.

Should We approve a change in Your commission-earning model from one of the activity-based models to another activity-based model then commission on all players referred by you (irrespective of when they were referred) shall be determined according to the new model chosen.

If, when changing models a negative balance exists, that balance will have to be cleared according to the new model before you can start earning.

Qualities That Make A Good Online Casino

In today’s modern and digital, gambling has become an increasingly popular online activity helped in no small part by its ease of accessibility for those unfamiliar with games of chance and more importantly their convenience. No longer is it necessary to travel to a traditional gaming establishment; the same experience can be had quite easily with no more than a computer or a mobile device anywhere you, please.

The industry is rife with competition too, as now one can download mega888 which is an online casino for mobile. In fact, a quick search using your favorite search engine should yield thousands of results in the time that it takes to type in the keywords. However, this can prove to be quite overwhelming, making the tasks of selecting one far more difficult than one may think. Fortunately, by considering a few key elements, you’ll be able to choose the right one in no time. Here are a few qualities that make for a good online casino.

Customer service and support

Reliability can often be attributed to having the right support in times of need. Nothing is infallible after all, and being given excellent customer service can make a big difference in the gaming experience. It’s a characteristic that helps keep the players reassured that they are in good hands and a quality that no online casino should be without.

Meets legal requirements

Online casinos are a business. As such, it is important to ensure that they meet their legal and licensing requirements before signing up or playing the games. This is mostly for the sake of your own safety and security, with personal information remaining confidential and your money protected.

Provides in-depth information

The fun and excitement of a game often boil down to familiarity. Results aside, blindly playing any game is an easy way to lose interest fast. As players, we want to be able to properly test our mettle against both computer and human opponents and this can only be accomplished by having comprehensive information on the available games.

Bonuses and deals

Because the games are usually decided by luck and chance, having either a computer or mobile casino promotions (depending on your platform of choice) can do wonders for not just reeling in new players, but keeping the currents ones in the fold. It ultimately keeps the games fair, allowing players more time with the games.

While it might seem rather difficult to find an online casino amidst an oversaturated market, keeping a lookout for these qualities can make the task far easier. However, always remember to keep gaming in moderation. Stick to a reasonable budget and never chase losses. This way, you’ll not only be enjoying the games a lot longer but give yourself far better chances of getting successful results and even turning this recreational activity into a potentially lucrative venture.

An Explanation About Titan Poker Double

Discerning Titan poker Double appears to comprise something that descends comfortable to several people, but more difficult to others. Many people would reckon just walking by the Double without throwing it another peek doesn’t recognize what they’re missing. There are for sure more distinguished means to look at the scheme to make the best of Titan poker Double. A lot of those details of the scheme will be ones that could make today among the most profitable ones that you’ve ever received in your lifetime.

Here’s essentially how the Titan poker Double goes. You’re expected to register for two tournaments, each of which begins within five minutes of one another. They are both $5 + $1 regular tourneys and they will both basically run at the same time to each other. If you’ll be able to come through to the closing table of both tournaments, you acquire special loot. If you will be able to make headway on both tournaments, you gain an even handsome prize and even เครดิตฟรี.

Whenever you come about to arrive at the concluding table of both tournaments, you will acquire your apportion of 50% of the promotional jackpot split up amidst the number of participants that were capable to achieve that feat. Whenever you’re the sole one that did it, of course, you’ll wind up acquiring the full prize pool.

The prize pool is compensated from the registration fee cash. $0.50 from each $1 of registration Titan poker gets is submitted to this prize pool which is then added to the pot in the next day if the previous day were not utilized. For this understanding, it is imaginable for cash to add up very promptly indeed.

The loot becomes even larger if you succeed on both of the tourneys. Whenever you do that, you acquire the full jackpot as a scoop. It is among the finest loots that you’ll be able to acquire in poker since it entails that you basically capture all the marbles.

A different spot to bear in mind about this jackpot is that it doesn’t substitute prize money. Recall that the jackpot comes up from the $1 registration fee and consequently imparts the $5 of your buy-in alone. That implies that even if you don’t win the Titan poker Double, you have a shot at winning your average prizes in both of those tournaments and still drawing a benefit on the tournament experience. For players that attain further than their fair portion of final tables, this is a distinguished tournament in which to take part.

History of Video poker

Video poker is a modern day descendent of the original slot machine. To get to the origins of video poker, one must travel back to the development of the first slot machines.

Origins of Video Poker

They were first produced in 1891 by company from the Bronx, New York called Sittman and Pitt. These interesting machines were made up of five spinning drums each containing ten different playing cards or symbols.

The cost of these games was usually a nickel. A customer would place his nickel in the coin slot and pull a lever, spinning the drums. The catch, though, was that usually the ten of spades and jack of hearts were left out.

By not having these cards, it cut the odds of getting a royal flush in half. Most of these early machines were in local bars and seedy “juke joints”. The prizes for the best hand were typically cigars and free drinks.

Then in 1899, a fellow by the name of Charles Fey introduced the Liberty Bell slot machine. This machine was able to automatically pay out cash prizes for the best hands. An original antique Liberty Bell slot machine is still on display at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

In 1901, Fey created the Skill Draw machine. This machine allowed players to utilize a hold function on certain cards that they wanted to keep then spin the rest. Ultimately, Fey invented the first five card draw slot machine. This feature enabled the customers to use skill and strategy, rather than relying solely on luck.

Modern Video Poker history

By 1970, Dale Electronics gave Las Vegas the first video poker game, Poker-Matic. At first, these games were not a huge success by any means. Also similar to Poker-Matic, Walt Fraley introduced the first video slot games, but they were not well receive by the public either.

The rise of video poker was brought about by the 1975 IGT’s Draw Poker game. This was the turning point of video poker, immensely popular and trusted by the video poker gaming community. These games were not intimidating to players, as were the tables in the casinos at the time. Their success grew throughout the 1980’s with a wide variety of very popular and different video poker games.

In 1994, Micogaming produced the first online casino software and with that video poker exploded world-wide. This isn’t your grandpa’s old fashion five card draw anymore. You can now download software directly to your computer, and win a fortune or lose your wallet right in the comfort of your own home!

So, more advanced, popular, and innovative. It has made leaps and bounds from its point of origin, long ago in a dusty old juke joint. If you wanna play a modern game, you can check agen bola.

Things You Should Avoid As A Novice Texas Holdem Player

  1. Call

That’s correct. Calling in the game of poker could be a weird error for most of the unexperienced Texas Hold’em gamesters. To call is of course a normal thing but the majority of the beginner gamblers do it wrong. Generally they call because they are feeling insecure as they don’t know what a hand their opponent who placed the first bet got. If you are scared in situations like that or if you see you don’t have good cards then the better decision for you is to fold or just don’t play Texas hold’em at all. Calling is generally a quite useless action. The usual actions you are supposed to take is to either bet or to raise. Calling is mainly used as a strategic approach in the situations when you want to save some money, but not to call with the single thought that you hope to make a stronger hand if some given cards happen to be drawed in the later stages of the turn. I.e. if you see you have a strong hand and you are warrant you have good chances then you better bet or raise. Here are a couple of good reasons why you have to do that:

You need to avoid some common mistakes at joker123 if you want more real cash. The winning chances are high in comparison to the other site. The players should have complete details about the mistakes to have more rewards and jackpots. The meeting of the needs is possible for the players. 

  • In the cases when you aim to bluff so you can confound the other players.
  • In the cases when you want to make sure there will be at least a couple more players that will probably call or raise after you.

Don’t get used to call. Just play aggressively and instigate the other players all the time. That is the way how the money gets earned in Tehas Hold’em.

  1. Place high bets in the early stages of the play.

To play Texas Hold’em with high or medium pledges is really exciting as you can feel the tension. To take the pot in Texas Hold’em with $5 or $10 bets is pretty exciting especially if you haven’t played that high bets before that. To go to the higher stages of betting can be really thrilling but can be a bad mistake in the same time. If you rush in the game faster than needed then the likelihood for you lose your money is quite big as Texas Hold’em is generally a game of skills and takes time.

Playing a small limit poker can be really very uninspired but if you realize you hardly win even there then you better don’t move to the upper level! I can guarantee that in case you can’t win in a low limit Texas Hold’em then it will be a big trouble for you to win in a game with high or no limits. Once you start playing on a $5/$10 table or higher you will find yourself among a selected group of good gamblers who have skills and aren’t doing what they do just for fun. So my suggestion is that you gradually move from tables with small blinds to tables with higher ones. There is no need to rush too much. Take your time and learn what you need. You will later have the opportunity to move to tables with higher bets when you will have better chances to win and feel the loveliness of this marvelous poker game.

  1. Bluffing

Bluffing is a method in the poker game which the gamblers use to perplex their opponents. The idea is of course to earn money but there is a problem with this method in low level games. There is no need to try to mislead your opposers as most of them are unexperienced players and bluffing just doesn’t work well. Of course there might be some situations when bluffing can be an appropriate approach but you better mostly play aggressively and forget about bluffing. Just apply aggressive bets in the cases you see you have good cards and high winning chances. Bluffing is necessary but mostly for higher level games. As more professional the tables become so more important bluffing becomes. So start on small limit tables and leave bluffing for later!

Picking A Smart Live Casino Strategy When Playing Live Tv Roulette

Live TV Roulette is not all that different to playing in a real casino; the main difference is that rather than playing on a real table with real chips, you are playing from the comfort of your own home over the internet, telephone, or your computer. The chips and table are virtual, but there is a real wheel used, so genuine results are guaranteed. If you have a smart live casino strategy that you were using in a real roulette game, then you will find that it works just as well in a TV game. But why should you pick a strategy?

As you are aware, a roulette wheel result is random; there is no way of accurately predicting what the next result will be. However, over time, the results should start to even out. Most smart live casino strategies do not involve single numbers, but regions of the wheel or outside bets. This is where Live TV roulette has its edge; the amount of statistics you can build up very quickly and that are given to you on the screen, and there are more statistics on the website.

Using the typical red or black bet as an example, when the ball spins, it’s nearly a fifty-fifty chance that the ball will be either red or black. Obviously the green skews this statistic somewhat, to around 47% red, 47% black, 6% green – fortunately, live TV roulette uses the European wheel with a single green pocket. Make sure when you are picking your smart live casino strategy that one of the requirements right at the top of the list!

What this means is that every time the wheel is spun, there is a 47/53 chance of it being one of the two. So, if there have been eight consecutive red spins, what does this make the next spin likely to be? It could just as easily be red again, as it could black. However, you are really smart live casino strategy may say that after a run of eight on one color, bet on the other! Why would you do this? Well, put simply, over an infinite amount of spins all the results should equal out. The problem is that although most live TV roulette shows are on twenty-four hours a day, there still won’t be an infinite amount of spins! So you have to do the next best thing; pick a limit at which time you think things will start evening out.

Of course, there is no guarantee that your bet will pay off on games like allbet คาสิโน. You may be better running two or three smart live casino strategies at a time. No bet on the first third for the last twelve spins? Try there. No second column for the last eighteen roulette wheel spins? Try the second column. If you want to try inside betting, look at regions of the wheel, not individual numbers. Most Live TV Roulette shows will show the areas where the ball has ended up. If there’s been no result in the six numbers surrounding the green zero in the last twenty or thirty spins for example, it may be worth attempting to place a bet there.

There are two important things to remember though when playing Live TV roulette, or any roulette for that matter. No matter how clever your smart live casino strategy is, It is never, ever guaranteed to win. The other is to stick with your strategy. If you have picked you’ll only ever bet on the opposite color after a set number of times it has turned up on a previous run, stick to it. Changing strategies half way through a game is not a good idea.

Poker Lies Poker Myths Poker Is Rigged

I’ve seen poker players blame the dealer for their “bad cards” and I’ve seen players run (yes run) to a chair that was recently vacated by a player on a winning streak in order to turn up their “luck”. I’ve seen online players complain that their “doomswitch” is turned on (a “doomswitch” is the fictional concept that the online poker site will flip a switch on you, from their end, to ensure that you go on a losing streak). When sincere, these are truly sad displays to bare witness to.

Of the four myths, this one takes the cake for “Most Outlandish”. The fact is, the major online and/or casino venues are run by billion dollar corporations– many of which are traded on public stock exchanges. It is preposterous to think that these businesses would attempt to “rig” or otherwise tamper with their random card generators for such little gain, because any such action would likely be caught immediately and sink them*.

All major poker outfits (whether online or casino based) are regulated and under the scrutiny of Gaming Commissions as well.

*Yes, in the past, there have been some “scandals” with the seedier online poker sites (which you will not be playing on), but this myth has little to do with reality and A LOT more to do with losing players (read: bad players) in absolute denial of the fact that they are not exactly the “sharks” they’d like to think they are. In fact, any player that “cries wolf” like this is undoubtedly a complete novice– someone not only with unhoned skills at the game, but an obvious and total lack of conceptual understanding as well. By the way, fwiw, the aforementioned scandal (Ultimatebet) was caught and all affected players compensated.

The crux of the matter is, when you’re dealt a hand like aces, you are going to win 85% of the time with it. Eighty-five percent (this is me, spelling it out… literally). Not 100%. Not 99%. 85% people! That means, despite being dealt the best hand possible, you are still going to lose with it about 15% of the time over the duration of your poker career. You don’t win or lose with any particular hand more than anyone else.** Comprehending this, it should not be that shocking when your aces lose to kings (or worse) once in awhile. You should expect this to happen (15% of the time no less)!

But that’s not what happens a majority of the time. Instead of losing with their aces 15% gracefully, some players (I know this isn’t you, you are smarter than this) have an absolute conniption. I’ve seen grown men throw tantrums that would rival the most outrageous of 2-year-olds.

If you do understand the game of poker and judi bola terpercaya, and go into denial about your actual skill level, you could become one of those players that run around crying “Poker is rigged!” to avoid dealing with the real issue.

“I must complain the cards are ill shuffled till I have a good hand.” -Jonathan Swift

Although such antics can be entertaining to watch (YouTube “The Best of Phil Hellmuth” if you haven’t seen an adult lose his shit in a poker hand yet) , to say the least, but it’s these players (who don’t quite “get it” yet) that perpetuate this damaging myth. These “players” piss and moan about their “aces getting cracked”, their “bad beats” & how their mother didn’t hold them enough. To them, when they lose with a big hand online– it’s not because that’s the way it goes sometimes (although that is precisely the way a knowing player sees it)… to them “poker is rigged!” And, unfortunately, it is this myth that does the most damage to online poker– by instilling fear into potential online players and the public at large. Ugh. Can we put this one to rest already?

“Without understanding the realities of the game we love it is impossible to become successful at it.”

Like most conspiracy theorists, all logic has left the building and they are clinging (with tooth and nail) to their “stories”. It’s not just poker. People with these tendencies tend to act out this behavior with the other aspects of their life as well. This is to their detriment and the detriment of those closest to them (who the hell wants to hang out with an Eeyore?). Call them pessimists with “victim mentality”, if you will. Either way, let’s just be grateful that we know better.


(Nerd and/or Metaphysics Alert) While random card deals and random card generators online are going to be random, fair and correspond within the normal standard deviations of statistical data there have been studies (click here to access Princeton’s publication showing the affect on global events, like 9/11, on random number generators) that indicate that our consciousness may affect the physical. If this is true, and if thoughts/beliefs/conscioussness are measured as self-generated electricity that could potentially electromagnetically affect machinery, then this is something to at least consider. If the study holds water, it makes a case that players with “negative energy” (pessimists, bad beat re-tellers, etc) may in fact get worse cards more often (and vice versa). So look on the bright side people, your external & material life may depend on it.

Pokerstars Increases Guaranteed Prize Pools

PokerStars recently announced that they’ll be making some changes to the huge guaranteed prize pool tournaments. The huge guaranteed prize pool tournaments at PokerStars are going to be even bigger. PokerStars has increased the amount of money that’s guaranteed in many of the weekly events at PokerStars and some of the tourneys have seen a huge increase. You can see some of the increases that have been made below to some of the major MTT’s at PokerStars.

The PokerStars Sunday Million will remain the same and it’s too bad they didn’t increase the prize pool of the Sunday Million, but at least many of the Sunday Majors were increased. A lot of the tournaments go way over the guaranteed prize pool, but some of the tournaments may have overlays some weeks now. PokerStars also increased the prize pools in many of the major tournaments hosted on Saturdays and many of the Daily Big’s tournaments.

It will be interesting to see if any of the Daily Big’s tournaments have overlays any days during the week. All of the events on Sundays are always busy, but some of the Daily Big’s are never that busy. You can see a full list of the poker tournaments that had their prize pool increased at PokerStars under the “Promos” section. PokerStars also announced that they’ll be celebrating the 6th anniversary of the Sunday Million this weekend and therefore the prize pool has been increased for this week only.

PokerStars Sunday Million 6th Anniversary

This weekend the Sunday Million at PokerStars will have a massive prize pool of $6M minimum and the winner will win at least $1M this weekend. The buy-in is still $215 although you can also qualify for a seat right up until the event kicks-off this Sunday. If you haven’t won a seat yet make sure you play in the massive qualifier tomorrow (Sunday) right before the Sunday Million. The qualifier tournament right before the Sunday Million will award 1000 players with a seat in the tournament.

If you love playing in MTT’s there is no better poker site like judi slot to play than PokerStars. Even before the recent MTT guaranteed prize pool increase PokerStars was easily the best poker room for playing online poker tournaments. Celebrate with PokerStars this weekend and you’ll have the chance to win $1M+ in the Sunday Million although you’ll be competing against 1000’s of players including some PokerStars Team Pros.

The Best Way To Play Holdem Shortstacked

When speaking of short stack play there are generally two kinds: the first one is when you are in a ring game and the other one when you play in a tournament. These situations needs to be addressed separately and we’ll do so in this article. But to be short stacked in a cash game is generally less of a problem because in a cash game you can always buy some more chips between hands, something that’s seldom permitted in tournaments. The exception is of course rebuy tournaments but not even in those you are usually only allowed to rebuy within a specific timeframe, usually the first three levels.

There are the best ways available to do sports sbobet at the online platform. Learning about the rules and regulations is essential to place the stakes. The checking of the features and options is essential to get desired winning for the sports bettors. It is an important things you need to consider at the platform.

In a ring games:

At most poker sites there are, as you probably know, three different betting structures, fixed, pot and no limit. To be short stacked in fixed limit usually makes less of a difference than if playing in a pot or no limit poker game where it is important to be able to bet heavily to push out any drawing hands. But on the other hand, if you yourself are short stacked and you have a drawing hand after the flop you can use this to your advantage. If you are first to act you can go all in and by doing so you either win the pot right there by scaring away other players or if you get called, you get to see both the turn and the river cards for free, with a flush draw or an open ended straight draw you should win about 1/3 of the times you get called. The same play can be used if you are late to act and you have a couple callers in front of you. Just go allinand If you don’t hit your card you make another rebuy. Your allin will probably be remembered by other players who will call your next allin as well and you can use this by having a solid hand next time you push in all your chips to win some money. That’s how you play poker.

Notice that you need to have a legitimate drawing hand for this play to be successful in the long run, just an inside straight draw by it self wont be sufficient. Your hand needs to be better than that. For instance a fairly good hand would be an inside straight draw combined with two overcards which would probably give you 10 outs and slightly more than 40% against someone holding top pair. Remember that in poker the concept of pot odds apply.

In a tournament:

While playing a tournament getting short stacked is never a good thing but is however inevitably and will happen from time to time. This is how poker works. You can consider yourself short stacked when you don’t have enough chips to last 10 rounds. The cost of 1 round is calculated by adding both blinds (big and small) and the ante (if any). So if you have a 800 chips and the cost for a round is 150 (big blind 100 + small blind 50) you are considered short stacked. Interestingly enough at some poker sites you start “short stacked”? in some rebuy tournaments, this is to ensure a lot of action and thus a lot of rebuys.

A tactic many aggressive poker players employ in tournaments is to never let themselves get short stacked. They instead go allin with almost any marginal hand before this happens. The reason for this is that they feel that its not worth to wait for a better hand if they don’t have enough chips to win a pot that’s big enough to ensure their survival in the game.

But if you find yourself short stacked you shouldn’t get desperate. Instead you should carefully choose a moment to make your move. If you are in early position and get a pocket pair 7s (or better) or AT or better you should make a big raise. Be sure to raise at least 3 times the big blind. If you don’t have chips enough, well, then I guess that you just have to go allin. Actually, if you have like only five big blinds left, you should go allin with any hand that contains an ace or a king (no matter how bad the kicker is) or any pair from any position. But you shouldn’t call with a bad hand like that, its better to raise and if you are lucky enough no body picks up a hand that’s good enough to call with. In reality what happens in most of the times when you are in these situations is that some big stack calls with any two cards just to knock you out of the tourney. This is actually not so bad since you most of the times are a slight favorite or a somewhat of an underdog, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

If you sit in late position and there are no callers then you should raise with any hand to pick up the blinds, again raise with at least 3 times the big blind. But if there are any callers before you, you need a good hand to call with or to raise. Good calling hands in these situations are low pairs and suited connectors. If it has been raised you need a premium hand to call or to reraise, because early position raises indicates good hands. Such hands are AK, AQ and all high pairs. But if you are very short stacked you should call with any pair (remember that even a pair of twos are a slight favorite against a hand like AK) or with any Ax or Kx, at this juncture you simply cant afford to be to picky.

Alternative Purchase Options For Casino Chips

Because of the problems some people have been having using their credit cards to purchase casino chips, most online casinos offer several other purchase methods. Several casinos also give you an extra bonus for using these purchase options. Clicking on the name of a purchase method will take you to our list of casinos that offer that purchase method. Today there are numerous Gambling sites that offer players with the best online casinos. One should choose very wisely by searching the right one based on the ratings and reviews of the people.

ACH Casinos:

There are no charges levied for this method but the player MUST be a signatory to the account in order to utilize this system. This option is available to USA residents only. Information needed for transaction:

NETeller Casinos:

NETeller is the most secure way to transfer funds over the internet. When you transfer funds using your NETeller account, the only information that is sent over the internet is your NETeller Account ID number.

Prepaid ATM Casinos:

Send money to anyone – anywhere in the United States– in seconds. Purchase products and services online – without revealing your name, card number or personal information! You are protected by 3 levels of security.

Firepay Casinos:

FirePay Personal Accounts are electronic accounts for consumers that can be securely filled with funds from a variety of sources, including bank account and electronic checks, and redeemed at many Internet sites. Your FirePay Personal Account works like an online debit card. You determine the amount of money you want to deposit into your account and you can then pay online with FirePay.

Citadel Casinos:

CitadelCommerce provides a system that allows checks drawn on US checking accounts to be electronically written. They provide a secure web site that stores your identification and banking information into a secure CitadelCommerce account. The information that you provide is utilized only by CitadelCommerce and is not provided to the Merchant. Every CitadelCommerce account is protected utilizing state-of-the-art technology that uniquely identifies your specific personal computer. Additionally, in order to protect your identity, CitadelCommerce utilizes multiple authentication and credit reporting databases, and their own sophisticated fraud detection system to validate and review your credit history and to impose spending thresholds.

Gaming Card Casinos:

GamingCard is a private credit card issued to the Internets most exclusive online gamers. There is unfortunately no online application for Gaming Card as all cardholders are invited by one of the supported Microgaming casinos. Gaming Card offers the following prestigious benefits

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