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Poker Strategy Tip: Get Rid of Ace-Rag

Many players seem to have a fascination with the ace. Since it is the highest card in the deck, it stands to reason that it is the most powerful card. Every format of poker plays out differently, but we’re going to focus on Texas Hold’em. The ace is a powerful card, but don’t be deceived, there’s a lot more behind it.

First of all, you are dealt two cards. While a single ace can hold up and win, and a while either one of your cards can make a pair and win, it is the combination of your two starting cards that determines the strength of your initial hand. For example, even though A6 off-suit is ahead before the flop, I would rather hold KQ suited. Let me explain why. The only real thing that the first hand has going for it is the ace. An ace is often good enough to win you say? Of course, it is, but are you going to win much money or feel confident betting your hand with an ace-high? That hand cannot make a straight or a flush using both cards. It is looking to win the hand by hitting pairs. But if it pairs the six, again how strongly are you going to feel about your hand? And here’s the worst part; one of the biggest ways people lose money is by playing this type of hand, hitting an ace, and losing to an ace with a bigger kicker. Let’s look at the KQs. If an ace hits the flop it’s easy to fold. If a king or queen hits, you are likely to have the best hand. You also have opportunities to make straights and/or flushes using your cards.

The number of combinations of hands you are likely to be able to make help determine strength in starting cards. Additionally, the confidence you can have in your hand when it catches a piece of the flop is important as well. Therefore, AK is great; AQ, AJ, and AT are good if you are the aggressor or know your opponents well; other aces can be played in the right circumstances, but generally, you should just throw them away.-

There are plenty of factors that must be taken into consideration when determining how to proceed with a hand. This is not a complete explanation or absolute rule. The important thing to take from this tip is that Ace-bad kicker hands are played way too often and you should typically avoid the pitfalls of playing these cards by folding straight away. For that, you should learn more about this strategy at Pkv Games by playing poker online with other professional players. 

3 Helpful Tips For Playing Slot Machines

Slots can be really interesting and fun to play. They also give you the opportunity to win a huge bounty in case you are lucky and played with a lot of technical analysis. There are hundreds of slots available in the internet. Whether you are a pro or a novice, you can never fathom what luck an online slot holds for you. If you want to play and win slots on the Poker Online Indonesia, then take a look at these tips that will help you get more lucky!

Play Higher Denominations –

in order to increase the chances of winning, you must always choose a slot with higher denomination. These are the slots which have better possibilities of providing you with the bounty. Low denomination slots are easier to win but the winning prize is much lesser than them.

Bet the Maximum –

you must bet maximum in order to get all the lines toward the action when you spin. Slots that have multiple lines need particular bets that are activated and that is why betting max is always a good idea. A maximum bet helps to increase your chances of hitting a payout and win a big amount.

Test the Games You Play –

before you bet on different slots, it is always recommended to test them out. Play the free slot versions of each of the titles you like and then you can develop a strategy and practice how to win it. Practicing the slots beforehand helps you to understand the nuances of betting on the slot.

These are some very essential tips that is going to help you play the slot machines better. Make sure to check and implement them everytime you want to try out your luck with money slots.

Girls Guide To Strategy: for Decoding Online Poker Timing Tells!

Online poker is the activity that has become widely accepted as people more often prefer playing poker in their free time. This is the reason that such a platform is holding an immense fan following across the globe. 

We all know that playing poker is easy, but there are several things that you need to know about the timing. Yes, you read that ride the timing is the key that will enable you to know about your competitor’s next step. If you are a professional gambler, then you should prefer visiting at least once.

Strategy for decoding the timing tells in poker:

  • Make the constant eye-contact:

If you are the one who wants to know about the next step of your competitor, then you need to make constant eye contact with them. More often, players will look into your eyes during the whole gameplay, and hands will be converting the strength. The flip sides of players are away from you, and they will obviously avoid the eye contact. You need to maintain constant eye contact so that they can remain distracted and can play the whole game efficiently. 

  • Be confident and do card/ chips handling:

Preferably maintain constant eye contact and be confident. Doing this will distract your competitor from taking the right step, and you need to offer them chips as this will enable you to seem smart and confident this will reduce their attention. It will be the right time for you to play the right card, as it will allow them to feel low and get pressured while playing the wrong card. It can be considered as one of the most acceptable strategies for making your competitor feel low and distracted from the game.

How to Win at Blackjack Without Counting Cards

It is generally accepted that the best way to give you an edge at the blackjack table is to count cards. The only down side to counting cards is that it becomes more and more possible to lose count and risk placing a wrong bet as you try to keep track of all the numbers floating around your head.

There is another method of winning at blackjack that requires very little keeping track of numbers. The only thing you will have to remember is to multiply your bet every time you lose. 

Everyone knows that Blackjack is a game that expert gamblers have on their fingertips and they cannot resist the temptation to play whenever they come across a casino although some do prefer poker online terpercaya to it but this is about raising the stakes to a high level so let us see how to do it.

Allow me to explain:

The 3×3 method of playing blackjack involves the constant multiplication of the minimum bet. You will see why it is best to start with the minimum bet as I continue to explain.

To use the 3×3 method, start off with the minimum table bet. To keep matters simple, let’s just say that the minimum bet is $1. The player bets the minimum and loses.

Now the player should bet $3. The player bets and loses.

Now the player should bet $9. The player bets and loses.

Now the player should bet $27. The player bets and loses.

Now the player should bet $81. The player bets and wins.

Now the player should bet $1. Repeat as often as necessary.

Basically, the player starts with the minimum bet and continues to bet the minimum until he loses. When the first bet is lost, the player multiplies his bet until he wins. As soon as he wins he can either walk away or start back down at the minimum.

The thing to remember about blackjack is that it pays 2 to 1. This means that for every dollar you bet on and win the dealer will give you two dollars.

No matter how much you have managed to lose at one table you will always win back your money and then some by sticking to this method. The reason for this is simple:

Let’s look at how much money we lost in the example above before we finally won.

First, we bet $1 and lost. Next we bet $3 and lost. We’re now down $4.

Next we lose $9. We’re now down $13.

Next we lose $27. We’re now down $40.

Next we bet $81 and win. Since blackjack pays 2 to 1, we’ve just won $81. Before we bet on this hand we were down $40. Now we’re up $81. We’ve just made a profit of $41.

This method works with any amount:

If we bet $250 and lose we would multiply our last bet by 3.

$250 x 3 = $750.

If we bet $750 and win 2 to 1 then we’ve just made a profit of $500 of the casino’s money.

The reason this method works is because the house eventually has to lose. All we do with this method is wait our turn for the odds to fall in our favor and make our bets. Since a player has to win eventually (otherwise nobody would ever play the game) this method just ensures that when a win finally does come that the player wins everything he has lost and then some.

The only drawback to using this method is that you have to have enough in your bank account to afford being able to triple your bets until you win. This method works but it can get expensive. This is also the reason why players are encouraged to start back at the minimum bet once they win a hand. Starting back at the minimum bet will ensure that you have enough money to play with and that you have enough money to keep tripling your bets.

Be sure to keep in mind the following before trying this method:

–Be prepared to run out of money. Just like the odds are in your favor that you will eventually win, this method is just that, a gamble on the odds. You are essentially trading one gamble for another, but the gamble you are trading for has much better odds than blackjack.

–While this method is not illegal, it is frowned upon. If the casino catches on to your strategy you may be asked to leave before you get a chance to recoup some of your winnings.

–If you have problems with gambling, get help.

How To Win More Poker Games? Check out the tips here!

Who doesn’t love to win the game of poker? Well, most gamblers are trying to win poker games in order to maximize their profits. If you are also playing poker games online and want to get the thrill of victory, then you should follow some effective tips and tricks. Many pro gamblers are sharing tips on the internet to assist beginners. When you get started with online poker games, you should take a lot of things into consideration. Here are some of the beneficial tips that you need to follow- 

Choose the games wisely 

All poker games are not created equal, and that’s why you should pay attention to the selection process. First of all, pick a reliable gambling website and then check the types of poker games that they are offering. Make sure you are choosing the games with which you are familiar. You can also try out the new games which are simple to play. With the help of this, you can easily make money and get other advantages. 

Manage your budget 

While playing Pkv Games, you need to manage your budget perfectly. You should always decide the amount of money that you are ready to lose. With the help of this, you can avoid huge losses. Always keep your budget in mind while playing poker games. You should always start with the small bets, and then you can play more to maximize your profits. 

Other tips 

If you are losing the game again and again, then you should stop playing instead of investing more. You should never go against your odds while playing poker games. You should do a fresh start on the next day with a good confidence level. In this way, you can easily win more poker games. 

Top 4 Picks for Value Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be one of the most affordable vacations you can take. Especially if you do not like to gamble at the casinos, there are tons of attractions for you to see and do that won’t cost you a penny! The most costly thing you will spend your money on for a trip to Las Vegas is most likely going to be your hotel stay. Here are my top 4 picks for value hotels in Las Vegas that you will get a lot more bang for your buck.

  1. Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

This is by far my number one pick. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is one of the cheapest hotels to stay at located right on the Las Vegas strip. It is located on the south end of the strip, but yet it is in a great location for a lot of the attractions. The Excalibur is also a great place to stay if you are bringing the whole family. There is a giant arcade in the basement of the casino for the kids to pass hours away. You can also play poker there if you would like. If you are looking for a great place to stay that’s affordable, or you are bringing the whole family, stay at The Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

  1. Tropicana

Tropicana is my number two pick for a couple of reasons. The main reason why I think it is a great place to stay is because it is the cheapest of all hotels located on the Las Vegas strip. It is an older hotel and casino, but it is well kept up. The rooms are quite nice, great place to stay for the value. It is also located on the south end of the Las Vegas strip, right across the street from The Excalibur. It’s is a great end of the strip to stay on because you are right across the street from The MGM Grand, and there are tons of close attractions to see and do.

  1. Circus Circus

Circus Circus would be your number one pick for a value resort for a number of reasons. It is also one of the cheaper hotels on the Las Vegas strip, but it definitely geared towards families. Located at the rear of Circus Circus is Adventure Dome. Adventure Dome is an enclosed theme park. The whole family could spend the day at Adventure Dome because there are so many things to see and do. Circus Circus is located on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, and you would either have to travel by taxi or monorail to see most of the attractions on the main part of the strip. It is a long trip to walk.

  1. Stratosphere.

The Stratosphere rounds off the list for my top picks of value resorts in Las Vegas. Personally, I think it is one of the coolest looking hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, and it is one of the first things you see as you are landing at the airport. The Stratosphere is located on the north end of the strip, the farthest away from all the attractions. You would have to take a monorail or taxi to the center of the strip to see any of the main attractions, but it is a great hotel for the value. The Stratosphere also has some of the best shows, in my opinion. If you are into shows, stay at The Stratosphere.

These are my picks for the best value hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip. With these hotels, you can do so much more because you didn’t spend it all on your hotel room!

Peoples Obsessions, Powerful, Painful, and Often Times Poison

Why do people possess so many levels of obsessions? Is it inherited? According to idea they are not inherited. They may have some effect as to you having an strong interest in something from you being simply exposed to it all your life.

Obsession means fixation, passion, craze, fascination, delusion, compulsion, fetish, mania, in the Webster dictionary. What does this tell us? That there many types of obsessions that we have all gone way over board with, or we have taken it to that next level where it has now become dangerous.

Let’s take a look at a few. Sex: A person who has an obsession with sex may fixate on it all day long. This could cause complications with an individuals job if constantly thinking of sex, or for the extreme a person who begins to act upon the urges and visit prostitutes, sex shops, multiple partners with unprotected sex.

Gambling can become an obsession as well. People whom become compulsive about gambling may visit the casinos or the stores to purchase lottery tickets, Vegas, etc more than normal. Some even go to great lengths just to play poker online. Their mind is constantly fixating on when they go again and how much they might win. They also become delusional in the fact they will win and that they never lose, or have lost the amount of money that they actually have.

Shopping is also an obsession. A person can become compassionate about shopping, hoping to find that bargain, or that perfect shirt to match the perfect jeans you bought the day earlier. A person can have a fetish for feet and love shoes, and goes every day to purchase shoes.

Sports can also become an obsession. A person can become fixated on a particular sport or team and attend all the live games and buy all the sporting wear, and listen to them on the television and the radio and talk about nothing else but sports. They are simply fascinated by the sports team.

The internet is another example of an obsession. People can become crazed by the web, and become passionate about someone they have met on line, or found a gaming site that they have a passion for.

These are just a few, there many more. But one must first recognize they have an obsession and determine if it has become a problem in their life. Just remember any obsession can turn to poison if their not monitored. With anything that we do, we must always learn to do everything in moderation.

Top 5 Online Casino Tips For Success

There are hundreds of online casino games and websites such as Judi bola that offer you amazing casino experience online. You can even win money if you are good at these games which is why it is really important that you learn all about these online games so that you can do well as you play them.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best tips that you can follow in order to improve your skills as you start with online card games.

  1. The first and most important step is to choose the game that you are interested in. There are different card games with different sets of rules. This is why choosing a game that you like is really important in the long run. Once you are done with that, make sure that you learn all about that rules of that game and start practicing that game on a daily basis.
  2. Once you get familiar with the game, it is time for you to learn about the different strategies and tricks that will help you in improving your game. As you figure out different strategies and tricks you will be able to learn more about the game as well.
  3. As you are playing online games make sure that you pay attention to different promotional offers and events. This way you will be able to maximize your winnings without any extra effort.
  4. It is also important that you learn about your financial limits as you play these online games. There are times when players end up losing a lot of money as they play online poker. So make sure that you set a limit on the amount that you are willing to spend while playing these games.
  5. Lastly, it is really important that you learn the art of quitting on time. There are players that end up losing all their winnings as they do not know when to quit.

These are the 5 most important tips that you need to keep in your mind as you start with online casino gaming.

Play “Madden NFL” Now!

The new Madden NFL ’12 demo, released August 9th, presents a rematch of the January 23rd NFC Championship game involving the oldest rivalry in the history of professional football, the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers. The Chicago Bears host the defending Super Bowl Champions at the remarkable Soldier Field. For some, this may be just another demo building the hype for the newest installment to the Madden franchise, but for me and other Midwest players, this is HUGE! The rivalry we have grown up following is now immortalized in the most recent madden demo. It gives us a chance to practice with our favorite teams and a head start at Illinois-Wisconsin bragging rights. Moreover, with Poker Online there were millions of players that really enjoyed poker sessions while watching their favorite NFL teams compete.

New madden game art and presentation looks outstanding! The main menu circulates a graphic of two NFL superstars every couple seconds and provides the player with a ring of five videos, pictures, and the demo. These include:

  • Tackling School: Zone Coverage Insider   
  • Gameplay: What’s new in Madden ’12   
  • True to the Game: The NFL Sunday Experience 
  • Gallery: Hard-Hitting Screenshots 
  • Chevy Pro Challenger: Enter Our Sweepstakes   
  • Chevy Pro Challenger: Madden Pro vs. Reggie Bush   

Play Demo  A new loading screen leading up to the demo depicts Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers diving into the endzone and the presentation doesn’t just leave you in awe there but also during the pregame introduction when the superstars of the Chicago Bears are announced. The players, coaches, stadiums, and mascots all look completely real. Behind every helmet is the actual face of each player and not a random computer-generated face. It is graphically the best game I have seen from EA Sports.


Although the Bears have home-field advantage, in the game Chicago’s overall team rating is a bit lower at 85 than the overall team rating of the Green Bay Packers who sit at 92. During gameplay, the rating difference is noticeable as the Packers obviously outmatch the Bears on both sides of the ball. Player ratings are not available in the demo. However, we can probably assume that the current ratings are similar to those from the final Madden NFL ’11 roster update. Top players on the Green Bay Packers after this update are QB Rodgers 99, CB Woodson 95, OLB Matthews 95, S Collins 95, WR Jennings 94, CB Williams 93, TE Finley 92, OL Sitton 92, and DL Jenkins 90. Top players on the Chicago Bears are DL Peppers 98, LB Urlacher 95, K Gould 95, LB Briggs 92, and HB Forte 90. Chicago also holds the second-best rookie free safety in Conte at 71 and Green Bay has the fourth-best rookie receiver in Cobb at 70. Rookies Carimi at OL and Paea at DL for the Bears are probably well ranked but I could not find their ratings along with the Packers OL rookie Sherrod. These are all players you should take advantage of in the demo and use them to exploit weaknesses in your opponent.


Something I noticed almost immediately during gameplay is that some players who are no longer on these teams are still on the roster and playing in the demo. A couple of key players are the Packers DL Jenkins who is now with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Packers LB Barnett who is now a member of the Buffalo Bills.

Kicking in the game uses a meter that is circular, similar to older versions of maddening, but involves the same basic buttons and style. Game speed and controls went through minor changes. There is an obvious difference in the speed of the game and motions of the players feel more crisp and fluid. Tips are given every couple of minutes describing new controls during the game. Playcall is nearly identical to recent versions of maddening and is just presented with a new style and location on the screen. Gameflow and rewinds are also still available for gamers. There are no announcers in the demo, which has been the case for most madden demos, but on the field sounds and graphics are still good enough to keep you entertained.

Overall this is one demo I guarantee you will play over and over and over again until you purchase your copy of Madden NFL 2012 when it is released. The guys at EA Sports have done it again. They outdid themselves for another year and created the best football video game of our time.

A Quick Guide to Forge of Souls

The final major content patch before the release of Cataclysm in 2018, patch 3.3: The Fall of Lich King comes with new challenges for players both just having reached level 80, and those who have been grinding away at the game’s upper tier for the last few months. AmanQQ is there to tell you all about the Forge of Souls along with some of the best tips and recommendations that you can follow in order to master the game. 

The Forge of Souls is the first of a series of three 5-man dungeons located on the upper west side of Icecrown Citadel. A back entrance has been discovered to the Lich King’s sanctum, the Halls of Reflection, and the way in begins with the Forge.

Players will initially be given a quest to speak with either Lady Sylvanas Windrunner or Jaina Proudmoore, depending on which faction they play for. Sylvanas and Jania are found just inside the entrance of the Forge of Souls.

As with all 5-man dungeons, Forge of Souls (FoS, henceforth) can be completed on either normal or heroic mode. Either mode will count toward the quest being completed, but FoS must be finished at least once on either difficultly before a player can move on to the next instance, the Pit of Saron. In normal mode, the dungeon drops iLevel 219 gear, and in heroic it drops iLevel 232.

The Layout

FoS is a series of large platforms strung together, with a boss in the central chamber and one at the end. The platforms are often simply grated metal with no railings – and yes, you can plummet to your death, so watch your footing. The area is dark and fiery, with floating skulls and a creepy synth-pop background music track playing.

The Trash Pulls

As with any WoW instance, you have to deal with the trash before you get to the bosses and the good loot. The first trash is floating skulls, which will randomly float by and aggro the party. While they do not have much health, they will cast an uninterpretable AoE if left unkilled long enough which will damage the entire party. Kill them quickly and you’ll be fine.

Most of the other trash falls into one of two groups. First, there are patches of 4 to 5 enemies at a time consisting almost entirely of magic users. They have a very large aggro radius and do a lot more AoE and randomly-targeted spells than in previous heroic instances. The healer will have to be prepared to actually use some mana, and the tank will need to be or their toes, as it is easy to pull a group of these by accident.

When killing the large groups, always kill the Adept first. The Adepts are healers and will make life very difficult if left unattended. Next, the best choice is to kill the Soul Horror, a black wraith-like shape, as it can randomly teleport behind party members, making it very dangerous to healers and spell casters.

The other type of trash the party will face are patrols consisting of two large skeletons. Not difficult in and of themselves, spellcasters must watch out for the spell reflect shield they throw up as it can easily kill any unwary mage or warlock who is unloading all of their spells on to the target.

The Bosses


The first boss, located in the central platform’s chamber, is Bronjahm, Godfather of Souls, and a reference to James Brown. If one listens carefully, one can hear that the synth-pop in the background after killing Bronjahm is in fact “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”, which is also the name of a 20-slot bag the boss drops.

Bronjahm is mostly a simple tank-and-spank, with one notable exception. During the fight, he will randomly cast “Corrupt Soul” on a target, and a beam of light will arc from him to the intended victim. The party member with the beam must back up to the edge of the platform, as far from the boss as they can get. Once the beam is finished, a corrupt soul fragment will spawn from the player’s body and drift toward Bronjahm. At this point, the tank needs to kite Bronjahm away from the fragment while the DPS kill it, as if it reaches the boss, it will heal him. Once it has been killed, the tank can hold Bronjahm where he is.

The only other thing to watch out for with the first boss is “Soulstorm”, which he casts at 30% health. Soulstorm creates a swirling vortex 10 yards out from Bronjahm, dealing AoE damage to anyone in it. Everyone needs to get within 10 yards of the boss and burn him down. During this phase, he will also fear random targets, sending them running into Soulstorm. A Shaman with a tremor totem down is useful here, but a healer with their head on straight and their eyes open will do just as well. Once Bronjahm is down, there are only a few pulls until the second boss, The Devourer of Souls.

The Devourer of Souls

The Devourer of Souls is a large, two-faced creature at the end of FoS, and it has several nasty abilities that can kill an unprepared group. The first thing it will do is start casting “Phantom Blast”, which will deal somewhere in the nature of 10k damage to the tank if not interrupted. If possible, stop these from happening altogether. It will earn the party and achievement and likely keep the tank alive.

The Devourer will also cast Well of Souls periodically, which spawns a pink pit of souls on the ground. As with all things on the ground in Lich King dungeons, don’t stand in it. As well, the boss will also cast Unleash Souls, which will summon a number of specters to attack players. They are unkillable and simply have to be healed through and avoided as much as possible.

The two most dangerous abilities, however, are Mirrored Soul and Wailing Souls. Mirrored Soul shoots a beam of energy at a player, causing them to share a portion of the damage the boss is taking with the player. All DPS must stop when someone gets the debuff, or high-DPS groups risk killing a damager-dealer of a healer.

Wailing Souls will be preceded with an announcement, and all players must get away from the front of the Devourer. When cast, souls will be unleashed from the devourer and it will ream stationary, but rotate 90 degrees. If a player is in front of the boss while this effect is occurring, they will take anywhere from 5k damage per second on normal to 7k damage per second on heroic. Just stand behind the boss, it will make everyone’s life easier.

Once the Devourer has been killed, reinforcements for the party’s faction will storm the room and a portal will be opened to the next instance, the Pit of Saron.

Herbert Berta


Herbert Berta loves to play card games be it poker, blackjack or any other game. He also loves to ride his Harley which is his favorite past time after poker.