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Bitcoin Friday A Collision Of Bleeding Edge Technologies Invests Com

By Dino Londis ( – At I’ve reported on wearable technology like the Google Glass and the Fitbit wrist band. Wearables are expected to be the next big thing, but no one has yet found the winning device.

The technologies at the Bitcoin roulette games are the latest one to have the best experience. You need to know about the technologies available at the online bitcoin casino. Expert advice is the best one for the beginners to become professional at the online bitcoin platform. 

I’ve also reported on encrypted currencies, like Bitcoin and Suncoin, and how they hold the potential upset global currencies including the dollar.

I’ve reported on advances in point of sale technology from PayPal, and Google Gear where you can leave your wallet at home and simply swipe your watch to pay for a coffee at Starbucks or lumber at Lowes.

I’ve reported on the maturity of gesture technology like the Nest thermostat where a simple swipe through the air changes the settings in the house. It’s all done without the need for a screen.

Well now a startup called MEVU is combining wearables, point of sale and swipe technology into a single device into what it calls the first Bitcoin wallet that will be able to make payments with only gestures.

The device is powered by Coinbase’s wallet and will allow the wearer to send Bitcoins to another person simply with a flick of the wrist to pay for small things like parking, coffee or “a quick donation to charity.”

If the MEVO sounds like too much too soon and you’re looking for a more conventional way to spend your bitcoins. XAPO is introducing the world’s first Bitcoin debit card.

Though it’s not yet released, XAPO promises that it will reduce the transaction bottleneck for everyday purchases – as opposed to big ticket items. In fact, the merchant wouldn’t need to know that the customer was using a Bitcoin wallet because they are getting U.S. (or whatever) currency.

The company’s innovation is that it’s automating the process of converting Bitcoins. Right now customers must manually convert the encrypted currency and then attach it to a pre-paid card.

Last month the Palo Alto based company raised $20 million to build the infrastructure behind the debit card and it may find a willing market since Apple has all but removed Bitcoin Apps from its App Store. In early February 2014 Apple abruptly yanked the app Blockchain from the App Store. Last year it removed Coinbase and BitPak. According to Rob Sama a representative at BitPak, Apple told him it had removed the app, “because that Bitcoin thing is not legal in all jurisdictions for which BitPak is for sale.”

Bitcoin is illegal in Russia and its future is in doubt in China. Nicholas Cary, CEO of Blockchain said that Apple may have removed the apps because it sees Bitcoin as a potential competitor. He told Wired, “I think that Apple is positioning itself to take on mobile payments in a way they haven’t described to the public and they’re being anti-competitive.”

Essentially all Bitcoin mobile app development is for the Android OS which is less secure than iOS and that’s a problem because Bitcoin’s growing popularity has also made it a target for hackers to steal the currency from unsecure websites hosting online wallets.

Kaspersky Lab reports that malware like Zeus is effective at stealing online Bitcoins from users’ PCs. And following a rise in the Bitcoin exchange rate near the end 2013 it saw more programs designed to steal the crypto-currency from user e-wallets. In fact it said the number of attacks targeting the crypto-currency increased more than 2.5 times and accounted for 8.3 million incidents.

Bitcoin’s fans remain optimistic and new ways to store and spend the currency are announced almost daily. Its value also remains resilient. Bitcoin has been floating between $450 and $500 for the past month.

Poket Jacks Strategy In Holdem Poker

As the saying goes, there are 3 ways to play pocket jacks. And they’re all wrong. They look so powerful. Paint. Pair. But they are very beatable. Your best bet to win with J-J will be when a third Jack comes on the board. If you see an Ace, King or Queen, you may already be hopelessly behind. The good news is that you know that you have Jacks and may be beaten. Your opponent does not.

When you see that you have pocket Jacks, you’ve got to make a quick decision. Do I play these cards like they’re actually a higher pair, or do I not risk many chips and lay low until they become something better?

First option. Bet these cards like they are Aces or Kings. If you bet like that in early position, you stand a good chance to take the pot immediately. Opponents who’d just like to see a cheap flop aren’t likely to call a huge raise out of early position unless they hold a premium hand as well.

If you are re-raised, you will assume that your foe has Aces, Kings or Queens. That may not be the case. It’s entirely possible that the re-raiser has a big Ace or even a middle pair. You may want to re-raise at this point. This may be getting quite expensive, but you might find out if the player who is staying with you is onto that bigger pair. If another raise comes, you’ll know you are beaten. If they then call, you may be ahead at this point.

Let’s say an overcard does come on the flop. Another big choice. If you were trying to represent an even better pair than the one you have, you’ll have to make it look like the flop didn’t hurt, in fact may have hit you right on the pocket pair. At least this is what you’d like them to think. You are surely risking more chips if you bet a pair that aren’t better than the board, but if your opponent didn’t hit, he’ll probably fold to your bet.

If you are in late position and no one raised, you’ll surely want to raise with J-J. And if there was a small raise, you’ll probably want to call. But a big raise ahead of you is going to leave you with a big decision. Most players play A-K as strong as big pairs. And, if they’ve put you to a decision with A-K, remember that any Ace or King beats you.

So, given all this indecision, you may find comfort in just slow playing and lurking with your Jacks. You may go into the hand with the mindset that you’ve just got a middle pair and if something good happens on the flop, no one will put you onto a set, or some other great catch.

If this is your approach, just call or make a small raise and wait for the flop. You’ll get a better idea of how to proceed after seeing the way the hand is going to develop.

Naturally, it will matter who you are playing with too. If you have a run and gun style of player, your Jacks will be vulnerable to that 6-7 off suit that results in a straight on the river after three or four seemingly idiotic calls. Tread lightly with a player like this.

But the lose player also has a tendency to not know when he’s beaten. If you have hit a good hand and are still pulling a couple of players with you every time you bet, welcome them into your pot with open arms. See how much you can get them to contribute.

One occurrence that will be particularly annoying is illustrated here.

You have J-J and raise to four times the big blind from early position. You get a call out of seat six. The flop comes 4-7-9 rainbow. You have top pair and bet the size of the pot. Seat six calls again. Now you are suspicious. After the turn, which is another small blank, you check. As does your opponent. A deuce on the river, and the board looks like it couldn’t possibly have hit your opponent. You bet about half the size of the pot. Your opponent calls and turns over pocket Queens.

To find this information that which trick works best for gambling you need to have a quite experience and knowledge related to the affiliated game that you are willing to bet on. Playing with no prior knowledge can lead to serious losses. Consider the above when your opponent plays Ace-King, stays with you the whole way to the river and catches the King to beat you in the stretch.

It is up to you to know something about your opponents. If you just got moved to their table, or they happened to drop in on you, you’ll have to pick up what you can, but any knowledge will be helpful. If it’s possible to bet people off of draws at your table, you should be pushing hands like J-J. If there are a few people who cannot be bet off of a hand,you’ll have to figure out how to get by those players.

J-J is not a great hand, but a very good hand. There isn’t a poker player in the land who hasn’t lost his shirt with J-J. And that will help control the way you play them better than anything. Each time you play J-J it will likely teach you something about J-J. But as your information mounts, don’t expect to feel any more comfortable playing them.

Get The Best Poker Coaching – Know the pros of the poker coaching 

Poker playing is one area that isn’t affected by the current economic climate. People will always go out to play the game and there is always someone setting up a game. Currently, poker tournaments are the order of the day and people are making more money and also losing it by being part in these tournaments. People travel for miles or even just as close as a neighbor’s house to be part of the game.

Before the taking of poker coaching, you need to check the pros and cons of it. The joining of the right poker site is essential to have the benefits. There are more winning chances available in comparison to the land-based casino. There is no need for traveling for the playing of the games at sa casino.

Poker coaching has become a lucrative business due to a large number of players joining the game. There is much information on blogs, websites, videos, forums, articles and other resources that have been developed to offer individuals with tips on how to remain top of the game. Some players have gone as far as hiring personal coaches for the love of the game and the love to make money. While looking for a poker coach, most players will go for the coaches who have reputation in the game. This can be determined by the number of titles that person has worn in tournaments and local competitions. There are a wide variety of skills that are taught during poker training sessions. These include betting patterns, managing chips, discipline, and ways to avoid common mistakes during the game. Other things taught include different ways of betting, using poker to make money and best playing techniques. All this is aimed at equipping the player with playing skills as well as making a living out of the game.

Otherwise known as poker mentoring, poker coaching is gaining groups among people of different ages and backgrounds. Poker mentoring involves pairing up an amateur player with a wining player for a game. They are then taken through a series of questions regarding the game’s skills to determine the level of knowledge through strengths and weaknesses. Once you have passed that level, you are enrolled for poker lessons and taught on the best ways of handling an opponent. The lessons consist of interactive video games, learning programs, quizzes, internet poker lessons and lessons from a poker coach.

Another poker coaching method that is gaining popularity is poker mentoring. What happens is that an amateur poker player is paired up with a winning poker player. The amateur player is then given twenty questions to answer that measure your skill level of the game as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your results, poker lessons are designed for you that will tackle all your problem areas. These poker lessons include interactions with video trainers, learning modules, instructional poker videos, quizzes, online poker workshops and a one on one mentoring course with your champion poker player.

Most of the pokrs coaching resources are found online. Numerous websites are now devoted solely to proving coaching on the game of poker. Instructional videos, support groups, mentors, strategy forums on poker playing, online tutors, poker calculators and poker software are now all available on the internet.

Gaining The Advantages Of Online Football Betting

Online football betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling these days as you can place the bet according to the money you have, unlink agen bola terpercaya deposit 50rb where the deposit is mandatory for new players. As times have changed and technological advancements have been made, we are now presented with useful and efficient methods to make our lives a lot easier – even when it comes to gambling. This particular form of recreation that many of us have patronized over the years is available in practically every single sporting event in the world.

With the advantage of online football betting, we are now able to follow our favorite athletes and teams as they go for the gold in football – in our terms, winning the Super Bowl. In relation to this, people from all walks of life are able to attain the advantage of earning a little extra cash on the side as they support their favored teams. Most of us are known to watch these games with much gusto, as the National Football League kicks off the opening season that starts on the first Thursday after Labor Day. People who follow specific teams are practically glued on to their television sets to see how the game turns out.

The rationale of football betting is a small way to make things more interesting for fans. The great thing about the online approach is the simple fact that you would be able to place your bets on your favorite teams even without the need to step outside of your door. When it comes to online forms of gambling, you would be able to gain a number of advantages by simply following the system online. The reason is that you would have access to countless betting sites as well as the betting systems and handicappers that would be able to make this endeavor more efficient on your end. With the help of these two strong key points, you would be able to ensure that you will have the most profitable outcome.

However, the accessibility advantages that you will get on online spreads are practically endless. You would be able to see the forecasted odds based on the scheduled games. With this, you would be able to draw a probable conclusion on where you would like to place your bets. These would also give you an idea as to who are the respective favorite and underdog of the particular match. This would give you an advantage if you were betting against the spread. On a related note, this also works well if you are the type of gambler who depends greatly on betting systems and handicappers.

When you opt for online football betting, you will also learn about the schedule of games that have been pre-plotted. The only time that you will be able to notice TBAs on the spreads would be for matches on the qualifying games for the Super Bowl. This is not necessarily a reason for concern, rather, it is meant for long-term goals in terms of bets in the future. However, there are no guarantees on who would be filling these slots.

Do Poker Bots Exist? Know About The Reality

The latest hot topic of conversation is whether or not a Facebook Poker bot exists and if it does, does it even work! The idea behind a Facebook Poker bot is an automated computer program that will play for you 24/7 and will win you chips. Wouldn’t it be nice to start a computer program before you sleep so you can wake up the next morning to see that your bot has just won you a million in chips? But can a bot really be programmed to win at poker? And would anyone even try to waste their time to configure a bot to work with a play money site?

You can know about the reality behind the availability of the poker games. The สมัคร lsm99 site will provide the best platform for the playing of poker games. The earning of virtual money at virtual casino is possible for the players. They need to choose the safety and security for the purpose.

Do Poker Bots Exist?

Whilst bots do certainly exist for real money poker sites, it is a bit of a stretch to think there are many poker bots in existence on Facebook Poker as there is very little money involved. One thing is for sure, a poker bot that could consistently win would make its owner a lot of money and thus logically it would be worth a lot if it was sold.

However if it actually worked the owner should be very reluctant to actually sell it. If this person sold it, then it would make it much more likely for the poker sites to get their hands on it and find ways to render it useless. Why would the owner risk their guaranteed income stream worth thousands if not millions of dollars just to sell his program for a measly $50? He wouldn’t of course, if the poker bot actually worked he would sell it for a value to compensate himself fairly, naturally this would be in the region of several hundred thousand dollars. How many poker bots do you see on sale for this amount? None! That’s because if there is a working poker bot out there, their makers aren’t selling them.

Types of Poker Bot

Not to worry though, a winning poker bot is extremely hard to program especially for No Limit games. The numbers of variables to consider are often too great to produce a bot of sufficient complexity to win at No Limit games.

Having said this Fixed Limit games are a much easier nut to crack for programmers due to the mathematical nature of the game due to the fixed bet sizes. There are likely a few bots out there that are capable of winning at low and micro stakes games. Although once it progresses up the limits it again becomes a losing proposition unable to cope with the higher skilled players found on the higher limits. Bottom line, is that a bot is only very basic and can only the beat some of the weakest online players.

Another breed of poker bot that could be arising are short stack bots. These will typically buy in for the absolute minimum i.e. 20BBs. This has the effect of making most decisions very simple either all in or fold which can then be determined mathematically. Not surprisingly a program can be made quite easily to determine whether it wants to push or fold based on if it has a mathematical positive expectation.

Security Measures Against Poker Bots

Whilst these short stacking bots are certainly the most likely and probably the most profitable poker sites are often very quick to catch them and eliminate them whilst refunding any money to the real players it has affected. Real money sites have security teams and programs constantly searching for collusion or cheaters as after all they are set to lose a lot of money if their integrity is questionable. Real money sites such as Full Tilt poker are certainly a very safe environment to play poker in. Full Tilt Poker has also increased the minimum buy ins of its games to 40BBs thus rendering any bots that did actually exist useless.

Although I highly doubt Facebook Poker have any real measures in place to prevent the use of poker bots I would be very surprised that there are any working poker bots in play. Simply because there are not enough motives for someone to spend hour upon hour to make one when there is little monetary incentive. If that person was intelligent enough to make one, he could make several times more money by allocating his time elsewhere.

If you are still not convinced about the security of Facebook Poker then play at Full Tilt Poker where there constant updates, security teams and programs will ensure a safe playing environment.

Play for Real Money at Party Poker

Party Poker will allow you to taste the thrill of playing online poker for real money. Join the thousands of other players playing at one of the World’s leading and largest poker rooms. In addition to the huge player base gain access to huge tournaments, freerolls and cash games in many poker variants. Also benefit from a $500 SIGN UP BONUS(no referral code needed) as well as their rewarding VIP program and promotions.

Best Starting Hands Texas Holdem Poker

While many people are quick to label poker as gambling, there are many professional poker players around the world who would argue that point. Gambling suggests that poker is a game of luck or chance, ignoring any factor of a skill component. Let us make one thing perfectly clear, poker, and more specifically Texas Hold’em, is a game of skill when you play the game on a 온라인 카지노 사이트. If you have any doubt, then look at the success of a number of the world’s top poker players, and try and fathom how their continued success at the poker table is the result of luck. It is impossible to ignore that their skill has allowed them to overcome the random component of poker. This is your chance to learn some of the basic strategies for removing luck from the poker table. Here you will learn the best starting hands in Texas Hold’em Poker.

One thing to keep in mind, playing random hands in poker may win you the battle, but it will ultimately lose you the war. The fact of the matter is that any two-hole cards can conceivably win in a showdown, but employed over a period of time this strategy is a loser. Some hands (such as a pair of Aces) are so much are stronger mathematically than others (Two, Three Suited) and it would be foolish to ignore this fact. Playing the strongest hands will result in greater success at the poker table over the long run.

Winning money in poker is not going to happen in a single hand, it happens over time. Winning a hand in a big pot may seem like a big deal, but it is not going to offset the losses you incur if you decide to play too many hands, and rely on luck or chance to succeed. But if you employ sound strategies, and learn the game of Texas Hold’em, over the long haul you will earn far greater rewards.

Here are our10 best starting hands in Texas Hold’em Poker, from the top to bottom. These are the ten hands that make the most sense to play when you are starting out in Texas Hold’em. Once you become more comfortable with the game, it will make more sense to expand your repertoire, but for now, learn the basics and save your money.

  1. Pocket Aces

Well, not a big secret here, as pocket aces are without question the strongest starting hand in Texas Hold’em poker. Since most posts are won with only a pair at a showdown, if you have pocket Aces, you cannot be beaten by another pair. It also gives you a strong opportunity to land some additional help on the flop, the turn, or the river. Bottom line, when you land pocket aces, play aggressive from the start. As your skills improve, there will be a number of strategies you can employ to grow the pot by slow-playing, but you are a beginner and it is best to not joke around. Bet aggressively and take your money. If someone is intent on sticking around to see the flop, then make them pay and remember that even if you miss the flop completely you still have a strong hand to play.

  1. Pocket Kings

Much like what was discussed above, pocket cowboys are an excellent hand that is only trumped by aces. It allows for you to be very aggressive off Preflop, perhaps even more aggressive than aces, as you want to push out any competitors that are playing A-X (X meaning any other card) before the flop comes down. The only hesitation to keep in mind is if you see a typically ultra-conservative player challenging you, this probably means they too have a strong hand, which could be aces, or kings or queens. Still, unless you have a strong suspicion of running up against Aces (which is mathematically unlikely but not far from impossible), you must play Kings strong before the flop. One thing to keep in mind, if you cannot push everyone out and then the flop comes down, if an Ace appears, you need to re-evaluate your position.

  1. Pocket Queens

Another excellent hand to play very aggressively, much like Kings before the flop. Chances are you will have the best hand before the flop, but there are a number of cards that could come down which put you behind after the flop so push your opponents out and don’t leave it up to chance.

  1. Ace – King Suited

While many people may argue with this hand is the fourth-best hand before the flop, it is a high percentage hand that provides a number of options. Play this hand aggressively, and get rid of the stragglers or hangers-on. The nice thing to remember is that many bad poker players will play any A-X combination, hoping to land an Ace on the flop. Ace-King suited gives you the insurance of having a top kicker, and it also gives you an outside shot at either a straight or flush or in some very rare cases the ultimate, a Royal Flush.

  1. Pocket Jacks

Now things get a little more interesting, as this is the fifth-best hand you can be dealt, but it is still potentially vulnerable. When you land pocket aces or kings, or even Ace-King, you are insulated from a number of the high cards coming down on the flop, even benefited. With a pair of Jacks, every Ace, King, or Queen that lands face-up on the table could be a backbreaker. That being said, this is still an excellent hand, and one to play aggressively but also with caution. If you are in a late position, and betting is ridiculous then think about sitting this one out. Bottom line, you should feel confident playing pocket Jacks, but pay attention to the other players, and do not fight the flop. If the flop comes down, and it provides a number of potential problems for Jacks, then cut your losses if it gets too expensive.

Casino Machines A Sous Gratuites Revenue Share Model

How commission is calculated:

You’ll receive a percentage of casino & machines a sous revenue in commission, where casino revenue is defined as:

  • Casino Revenue
  • Non-Cash Incentive
  • Progressive Contributions
  • Chargebacks
  • Commissionable Revenue

Negative balances are not carried forward. If you end the month on a negative, it will be set to zero from the beginning of the next month, unless the negative balance is because of a charge-back. In some instances, unrecovered charge-back may be loaded as negative adjustments to earnings.


Payments will be made by the 20th of every month. In the event that the commission to be paid to you in any calendar month is less than the minimum amount (dependant on payment mechanism – amounts below), Fortune Affiliates will not be obligated to make the payment until such time as the earnings are equal to or greater than the Minimum Amount. However, this is not applicable to all platforms, some programs offered by the likes of can offer you different payment options to choose from. 

Fortune Affiliates retains the right to review all earnings for possible fraud, where such fraud may be on the part of the Real New Player or on your part. Any incidence of fraud on your part constitutes a breach of this Agreement, and Fortune Affiliates retains full authority to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event of such breach.

Further, in the event that Fortune Affiliates deems that fraud has occurred, either on your part or on the part of a Real New Player, you shall not be entitled to receive any earnings, which have accrued to your benefit at such time whether such earnings were generated through fraud or otherwise. You are urged to provide accurate details concerning the manner and information relating to your preferred method of receiving earnings and Fortune Affiliates will not be held liable for your delayed receipt of earnings due to your provision of inaccurate details.

Changing earnings models

You are required to select the model you want to be applied to your account with the Affiliate Program at the time of registration. Alternatively, you are entitled to apply to change your activity-based earnings model upon 7 (seven) days written notice, where after such model shall only become effective on the first day of the month immediately following the month in which the notice of the change in earnings model is timorously given and only if such change is approved. We reserve the right to refuse such application for a change of earnings model at any time for any reason whatsoever.

Should We approve a change in Your commission-earning model from one of the activity-based models to another activity-based model then commission on all players referred by you (irrespective of when they were referred) shall be determined according to the new model chosen.

If, when changing models a negative balance exists, that balance will have to be cleared according to the new model before you can start earning.

Qualities That Make A Good Online Casino

In today’s modern and digital, gambling has become an increasingly popular online activity helped in no small part by its ease of accessibility for those unfamiliar with games of chance and more importantly their convenience. No longer is it necessary to travel to a traditional gaming establishment; the same experience can be had quite easily with no more than a computer or a mobile device anywhere you, please.

The industry is rife with competition too, as now one can download mega888 which is an online casino for mobile. In fact, a quick search using your favorite search engine should yield thousands of results in the time that it takes to type in the keywords. However, this can prove to be quite overwhelming, making the tasks of selecting one far more difficult than one may think. Fortunately, by considering a few key elements, you’ll be able to choose the right one in no time. Here are a few qualities that make for a good online casino.

Customer service and support

Reliability can often be attributed to having the right support in times of need. Nothing is infallible after all, and being given excellent customer service can make a big difference in the gaming experience. It’s a characteristic that helps keep the players reassured that they are in good hands and a quality that no online casino should be without.

Meets legal requirements

Online casinos are a business. As such, it is important to ensure that they meet their legal and licensing requirements before signing up or playing the games. This is mostly for the sake of your own safety and security, with personal information remaining confidential and your money protected.

Provides in-depth information

The fun and excitement of a game often boil down to familiarity. Results aside, blindly playing any game is an easy way to lose interest fast. As players, we want to be able to properly test our mettle against both computer and human opponents and this can only be accomplished by having comprehensive information on the available games.

Bonuses and deals

Because the games are usually decided by luck and chance, having either a computer or mobile casino promotions (depending on your platform of choice) can do wonders for not just reeling in new players, but keeping the currents ones in the fold. It ultimately keeps the games fair, allowing players more time with the games.

While it might seem rather difficult to find an online casino amidst an oversaturated market, keeping a lookout for these qualities can make the task far easier. However, always remember to keep gaming in moderation. Stick to a reasonable budget and never chase losses. This way, you’ll not only be enjoying the games a lot longer but give yourself far better chances of getting successful results and even turning this recreational activity into a potentially lucrative venture.

An Explanation About Titan Poker Double

Discerning Titan poker Double appears to comprise something that descends comfortable to several people, but more difficult to others. Many people would reckon just walking by the Double without throwing it another peek doesn’t recognize what they’re missing. There are for sure more distinguished means to look at the scheme to make the best of Titan poker Double. A lot of those details of the scheme will be ones that could make today among the most profitable ones that you’ve ever received in your lifetime.

Here’s essentially how the Titan poker Double goes. You’re expected to register for two tournaments, each of which begins within five minutes of one another. They are both $5 + $1 regular tourneys and they will both basically run at the same time to each other. If you’ll be able to come through to the closing table of both tournaments, you acquire special loot. If you will be able to make headway on both tournaments, you gain an even handsome prize and even เครดิตฟรี.

Whenever you come about to arrive at the concluding table of both tournaments, you will acquire your apportion of 50% of the promotional jackpot split up amidst the number of participants that were capable to achieve that feat. Whenever you’re the sole one that did it, of course, you’ll wind up acquiring the full prize pool.

The prize pool is compensated from the registration fee cash. $0.50 from each $1 of registration Titan poker gets is submitted to this prize pool which is then added to the pot in the next day if the previous day were not utilized. For this understanding, it is imaginable for cash to add up very promptly indeed.

The loot becomes even larger if you succeed on both of the tourneys. Whenever you do that, you acquire the full jackpot as a scoop. It is among the finest loots that you’ll be able to acquire in poker since it entails that you basically capture all the marbles.

A different spot to bear in mind about this jackpot is that it doesn’t substitute prize money. Recall that the jackpot comes up from the $1 registration fee and consequently imparts the $5 of your buy-in alone. That implies that even if you don’t win the Titan poker Double, you have a shot at winning your average prizes in both of those tournaments and still drawing a benefit on the tournament experience. For players that attain further than their fair portion of final tables, this is a distinguished tournament in which to take part.

History of Video poker

Video poker is a modern day descendent of the original slot machine. To get to the origins of video poker, one must travel back to the development of the first slot machines.

Origins of Video Poker

They were first produced in 1891 by company from the Bronx, New York called Sittman and Pitt. These interesting machines were made up of five spinning drums each containing ten different playing cards or symbols.

The cost of these games was usually a nickel. A customer would place his nickel in the coin slot and pull a lever, spinning the drums. The catch, though, was that usually the ten of spades and jack of hearts were left out.

By not having these cards, it cut the odds of getting a royal flush in half. Most of these early machines were in local bars and seedy “juke joints”. The prizes for the best hand were typically cigars and free drinks.

Then in 1899, a fellow by the name of Charles Fey introduced the Liberty Bell slot machine. This machine was able to automatically pay out cash prizes for the best hands. An original antique Liberty Bell slot machine is still on display at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

In 1901, Fey created the Skill Draw machine. This machine allowed players to utilize a hold function on certain cards that they wanted to keep then spin the rest. Ultimately, Fey invented the first five card draw slot machine. This feature enabled the customers to use skill and strategy, rather than relying solely on luck.

Modern Video Poker history

By 1970, Dale Electronics gave Las Vegas the first video poker game, Poker-Matic. At first, these games were not a huge success by any means. Also similar to Poker-Matic, Walt Fraley introduced the first video slot games, but they were not well receive by the public either.

The rise of video poker was brought about by the 1975 IGT’s Draw Poker game. This was the turning point of video poker, immensely popular and trusted by the video poker gaming community. These games were not intimidating to players, as were the tables in the casinos at the time. Their success grew throughout the 1980’s with a wide variety of very popular and different video poker games.

In 1994, Micogaming produced the first online casino software and with that video poker exploded world-wide. This isn’t your grandpa’s old fashion five card draw anymore. You can now download software directly to your computer, and win a fortune or lose your wallet right in the comfort of your own home!

So, more advanced, popular, and innovative. It has made leaps and bounds from its point of origin, long ago in a dusty old juke joint. If you wanna play a modern game, you can check agen bola.

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