Ace-king. This ever-enticing Texas Hold ‘em starting palm has many nicknames, my favorite being “Anna Kournikova.” The comparison with a former tennis actor seems apt, given it’s been pronounced of both a palm and Kournikova: “Looks good, never wins.”

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The tip to profitably personification this feisty, fickle, ripe-with-potential palm lies in meaningful your opponent’s palm operation and betting patterns.

For example, it’s formidable to get paid off with A-K opposite a parsimonious competition who folds ace-rag and king-x hands to raises. It’s easier to get paid by opponents who play K-9 and adult for raises, as there are distant some-more flops that can “hit” us AND strike this competition — quite if these partially lax opponents are aggressive. With such a operation in variables, we feel that a reduction we use broad, unconditional discipline for personification A-K, a better.

I recently played an engaging A-K palm during a 2013 Los Angeles Poker Classic during a Commerce Casino. With blinds during 200-400, and with 20,000 in my stack, we had As Ks in a cutoff. we faced a mid-position lift to 1,100 from a actor with a far-reaching opening operation and about 25,000 in his stack. The actor on my left was sloping (being romantic and not meditative clearly) from a new palm and had about 5,500 left. Their review on me was that we was means of moves or wily plays, though that we wasn’t stupid.

Many folks in my mark would reraise here. Limit a field, take control of a palm in position, or maybe win a palm right there. we opted to take advantage of a scenario.

The tilter was wakeful of a raiser’s far-reaching range. He was also wakeful that we favourite to see flops. My “loose preflop, call in position” operation was formed on my smoke-stack size.

(Side note: If a sum volume of a preflop lift is reduction than 5 percent of my stack, I’ll mostly call with any dual cards that during slightest bond — 3-4, 6-7, etc. This will be clear over time in a contest to any actor profitable attention. In method to change my opponents’ review on a reduce finish of my range, it’s critical to spasmodic brew in a prosaic call with a good palm so that we don’t get review accurately for passed income and face unchanging reraises.)

I call a 1,100. As hoped, a tilter shipped his remaining 5,500 to a middle. Action folded to a strange raiser, who snap-called.

Time to act. we boat 20,000. All in. My diseased initial call helped put an additional 10,000 into a pot, and my competition with chips would usually be means to continue if he had a genuine hand. If he did, in fact, have a genuine hand, we’d be unfailing to get all of a chips in preflop: His four-bet would be review as a play on my three-bet, that was done vs. his far-reaching opening range.

My initial call of a 1,100 stirred a method of events that eventually led to a preflop raiser putting 5,500 into a pot and still folding but saying a flop. He flashed his Q-J matched as he folded. My A-K hold adult opposite a tilter’s K-10 on a house of 8, 7, 7, Q, 2. Note a queen.

Win, win.

Another advantage to this plan is in how a story told by flat-calling and afterwards shipping is mostly review as a span or a bluff. You’ll get folds from tiny pairs and calls from A-Q or A-J — dual courses of movement you’d gladly acquire in a name of certain approaching value.

If we see Anna anywhere, let her know she can still win if she simply plays her cards right.