Nexon has recently been designing more and more games. Ever since the release of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, in 1996, the Nexon company has constantly been expanding and gaining the world wide support of their gamers. Nexon is by far one of the best gaming companies in my opinion for several different reasons.

Nexon games are safe. They’re fine for your younger kids who aren’t supposed to see more vulgar chat, or gameplay. Also, Nexon games can be paid for to enhance them, but are completely free as of creating a membership and playing. It’s completely free to play Nexon games because Nexon is a company interested in providing its users with the best gaming possible while not requiring that they pay money. The servers that Nexon has to offer are typically much better than other free games, especially games in beta phases, which Combat Arms is still in the progress of exiting.

Combat Arms is Nexon’s most recent full release of a game, as is by far their best game in my opinion. It’s definitely the best free first person shooter that I’ve ever played online. There are other first person shooters you can download and play for free online out there, but they’re usually horrible quality as far as graphics or speed goes, and the game play is nowhere near as good. Games like Warrock and Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory stand no chance in comparison against such a great game like Combat Arms. It can also be compared to some games on QQ online. The graphics are certainly great, the design is awesome and the gameplay is very much interesting. So if you want to play wide variety of games that are interesting and fun to play, you may opt to go to QQ online.

While the game of Combat Arms is completely free, the graphics are intensely great. I love the fact that the graphics and graphical effects are easily comparable to newer, expensive games like Call of Duty 4. If you’re someone who demands quality but don’t have the money to pay hundreds of dollars for games and subscriptions, Combat Arms is the easiest way to go.

As with other first person shooters playable for free online, you can’t pay your way through wins in Combat Arms. You will never be able to purchase guns with cash that will give you an unfair advantage. You’re not going to win this game by paying more money than everyone else. You’re going to have to spend time, gain levels, buy better guns with earned cash in the game, and up your skill level, not just take your parents credit card and then own everyone.

There are many different guns, equipments, and maps in this game. There really is no level of limitation when it comes to choosing your guns. Even as a starting character, you’re going to have tons of options already for guns as well as equipments which will make your character play much better in games. You’re also going to be able to get new equipments pretty soon as you level up. You’re going to be able to get new equipments which make you faster, more durable, or just looking cool.

When it comes to playing, just play like you would any other first person shooter. The game play is the same, the hot keys are the same, the controls are the same, in general. You can play several different game types. Capture the flag and elimination are pretty popular. Capture the flag is quite obvious. Elimination is where you’re placed on a team and the two teams grind against eachother looking for a set number of kills. I prefer capture the flag for the intensity. Also, there are many other games. Free for all is a great change of pace if you get bored and are interested in trying something new.