It is generally accepted that the best way to give you an edge at the blackjack table is to count cards. The only down side to counting cards is that it becomes more and more possible to lose count and risk placing a wrong bet as you try to keep track of all the numbers floating around your head.

There is another method of winning at blackjack that requires very little keeping track of numbers. The only thing you will have to remember is to multiply your bet every time you lose. 

Everyone knows that Blackjack is a game that expert gamblers have on their fingertips and they cannot resist the temptation to play whenever they come across a casino although some do prefer poker online terpercaya to it but this is about raising the stakes to a high level so let us see how to do it.

Allow me to explain:

The 3×3 method of playing blackjack involves the constant multiplication of the minimum bet. You will see why it is best to start with the minimum bet as I continue to explain.

To use the 3×3 method, start off with the minimum table bet. To keep matters simple, let’s just say that the minimum bet is $1. The player bets the minimum and loses.

Now the player should bet $3. The player bets and loses.

Now the player should bet $9. The player bets and loses.

Now the player should bet $27. The player bets and loses.

Now the player should bet $81. The player bets and wins.

Now the player should bet $1. Repeat as often as necessary.

Basically, the player starts with the minimum bet and continues to bet the minimum until he loses. When the first bet is lost, the player multiplies his bet until he wins. As soon as he wins he can either walk away or start back down at the minimum.

The thing to remember about blackjack is that it pays 2 to 1. This means that for every dollar you bet on and win the dealer will give you two dollars.

No matter how much you have managed to lose at one table you will always win back your money and then some by sticking to this method. The reason for this is simple:

Let’s look at how much money we lost in the example above before we finally won.

First, we bet $1 and lost. Next we bet $3 and lost. We’re now down $4.

Next we lose $9. We’re now down $13.

Next we lose $27. We’re now down $40.

Next we bet $81 and win. Since blackjack pays 2 to 1, we’ve just won $81. Before we bet on this hand we were down $40. Now we’re up $81. We’ve just made a profit of $41.

This method works with any amount:

If we bet $250 and lose we would multiply our last bet by 3.

$250 x 3 = $750.

If we bet $750 and win 2 to 1 then we’ve just made a profit of $500 of the casino’s money.

The reason this method works is because the house eventually has to lose. All we do with this method is wait our turn for the odds to fall in our favor and make our bets. Since a player has to win eventually (otherwise nobody would ever play the game) this method just ensures that when a win finally does come that the player wins everything he has lost and then some.

The only drawback to using this method is that you have to have enough in your bank account to afford being able to triple your bets until you win. This method works but it can get expensive. This is also the reason why players are encouraged to start back at the minimum bet once they win a hand. Starting back at the minimum bet will ensure that you have enough money to play with and that you have enough money to keep tripling your bets.

Be sure to keep in mind the following before trying this method:

–Be prepared to run out of money. Just like the odds are in your favor that you will eventually win, this method is just that, a gamble on the odds. You are essentially trading one gamble for another, but the gamble you are trading for has much better odds than blackjack.

–While this method is not illegal, it is frowned upon. If the casino catches on to your strategy you may be asked to leave before you get a chance to recoup some of your winnings.

–If you have problems with gambling, get help.