PaySpark is an internet payment account that allows customers to purchase goods, services, and casino credits over the internet. There are many merchants that support the PaySpark service as one of their preferred payment methods as well as one of the easiest to use both for customers and for merchants. They have been in business for a while, and they know that their customers are looking for certain things to make their online purchasing as easy as possible. One of the things that customers are looking for is security, to know that their money is safe within their online PaySpark account. 

To sign up for an account, simply go to the PaySpark website and click the new consumer’s tab. But before we get into that customers should know that there are several types of PaySpark accounts to choose from including PaySpark IPA Account, ATM Account, and the Global Access account. Once you have signed up for the IPA account you are eligible for the other two types of accounts and can apply for them on the merchants of the choice website or on the PaySpark website for the Global Access Account. 

To sign up for the account, you will be asked to answer a certain number of personal and financial questions, to ensure the security process but no information is ever shared with anyone it is stored in a secured PaySpark database. To get money into your PaySpark account, you can use one of the following easy options; wire transfer, western union, transfers between PaySpark accounts, or by using a credit card (IPA ONLY). To deposit money into an online casino is as easy as depositing money into the main account and with interesting games like Interwin slot this is definitely a treat for all the players. 

All you have to do is choose the PaySpark logo, enter your PaySpark account information including the account number and then enter the number of credits you would like to purchase; it’s that simple. The same process is true when you are ready to take your winnings from the casino of your choice, and the money will be entered into your PaySpark account. When you want to get cash from your PaySpark account you can simply use your ATM account and use one of the over 1 million ATMs worldwide and the cash will be in your hands instantly. 

There are a few things that set PaySpark apart from their competition including that there is no minimum balance required to keep your account open, and that there is no charge to open or keep an account open if you use it. One of the things that really catch customers’ eyes is the interest that they can earn just by keeping money in the account. A 2% interest can be accrued and paid out on a monthly basis for accounts that hold a balance of at least US $500 or more.