The dealer starts the game by dealing two cards to each player, one covered and one uncovered letter for him. If the first two cards total 21 (any 10 value card and an Ace), you have a BlackJack, and one that pays half your bet instead (this can vary).

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You can not lose with a Blackjack, but you could have done if that is also a carver. If you have any combination that you can not BlackJack “site” (take no more card), or the carver to bring “order” (give additional cards).

After the players are playing all their hands (either asking or plant), the carver will present its “letter capped” (the card face down) and take the additional letters or plants according to the following rules: If the total carver is 16 or less, he must ask to join your hand is 17 or over or “pass” for a total of 21. If your total is 17 or more, it should be planted with the exception of asking with a soft 17 (used as an Ace with 11 points) when the rules are those of the casino.

If the carver is passed, all players who have game (which are not past) win. If the carver is not happening and the mind of the player’s cards is closer to 21 than the hand of the carver, the player wins, if less, you lose. If you get equal value to the carver, it is called a “tie” and you neither win nor lose, then he returned his money.

Splitting pairs:

If a player is playing two cards of equal value, has the option to “split” those cards into two separate hands. A “division” is played just like two separate hands. It should match the original bet on both hands. You can “re-split a couple up to three times (making four separate hands).

You can also ask as many letters as you want in each hand. 21 to split aces are not considered as Blackjack and pays 1:1 (this option is variable in each casino).

Doubling the wager:

Players also have the option to increase its bid “doubling.” After receiving your first two cards, you can “fold” increase its bid to double the original and received only one additional card. You can “double” with any two cards. You too can “bend” after “splitting” a pair.


If the sight of the letter carver is an Ace, you have the option of making a “safe bet“. You can bet any amount up to half your original bet that the letter covered in banking is a ten. Ie you are betting that the carver has a BlackJack. If the “hole card” the carver has a value of ten, will be paid two to one in your safe bet. If the card has another value, the carver takes your insurance bet.

Surrender: After receiving your first two cards, if you feel you do not

can win the hand of the carver, allow you to “surrender”, leaving half of your bet before the carver (but after verifying that the bank does not have Blackjack).

Cash in hand:

If you have a BlackJack, and the carver shows an Ace, you can choose to take “even money” before it displays the letter of the hole. You will get paid 1:1 on his bet without considering whether or not carver has BlackJack.