How to play 7-Card-Stud-Hi/Lo Poker

Are you curious to learn how to play 7 card stud Hi/Lo Poker? Well, here is a brief note which explains to you clear about 7 card stud Hi/Lo Poker, and for a more detailed guide, you can click on pkv qq. This 7 card stud Hi/Lo Poker is a far-familiar poker game that has technically demanding skills. Players will be dealt with 7 cards all through the course of hand and only the best 5 cards are determined for every player. Finally, the winner of the game will be announced.

Low Hand – what is it actually?

To qualify a hand, it must possess 5 values and not actually higher than 8 and no pair, 8 7 6 5 4 or even lower. Flushes and straights will never disqualify any hand of being judged as low, whereby they possess the same rankings with unsuited five-card hands with similar values.

As discussed before, Aces could be played wither in the lower or higher end holding 5 4 3 2 Ace, will be unbeatable lower hand, as well it could also have five high straight for playing higher hand. This is termed as The Wheel and it has an influential hand in the game of Hi/Lo poker game.

In case, while more number of players possesses similar high ranging card with the lowest hand, the subsequently lowest card high value will win the game. The lower card hand will be determined first with high cards.

Commencing the game!

This game is quite similar to the 7 card stud with regards to the ante. The game gets started dealing with the hand and they bring in with the bet. Here the rounds or cap for betting the game is also similar.

Betting the rounds – 4th, 5th, 6th, and Seventh Street!

Betting is also quite similar and the deals of 4th, 5th, 6th, and Seventh Street are spotted to be similar to the 7 card stud.


For any game, there will be a winner! Players possessing the top 5 cards of the high hand will win the complete pot. In case, if any qualifying lower hand is found, the pot gets shared amidst the player, which possesses the lowest qualifying hand. When it comes to 7 card stud Hi/Lo poker, no hand will qualify the low hand, whereas the top higher hand will win the pot.

For the player who is absolutely familiar and well-known with playing stud poker, then the matter of picking the 7 card stud Hi/Lo will be fairly simple and quick. Playing poker will not merely bring you enjoyment and fun and of course, you can earn a big deal of money by playing poker games. Great things come in small packages! This is a familiar saying and this saying undoubtedly matches the poker game. You can enjoy, have fun and of course earn well for your pockets.

To make an interesting 7 Card Stud Poker, all you require is a 52 card deck, and chips. With respect to the number of players, it can involve around 2 to 7 players for one game round.