The first thing, when you’re downswing, it’s okay to move down in stakes. That you might be very comfortably bankrolled, just to of prove to maybe even yourself that you can still do this.

Sometimes you’re going to go on a 30 or 40 buy-in downswing in certain kinds of poker games maybe even more, if you’re playing things like tournaments, and you have that feeling, where you don’t feel like you’re winning. You feel like every session goes badly, you always lose the coin flips, you always get in the cooler situations, just you start to get gun-shy like you always run into the nuts, they always have a better poker hands… When you’re in that kind of mental state, like here, it’s time to just stop what you’re doing and move down in poker stakes. In this post Traits of Successful Poker Players, you can find more informations.

You should establish the limitation of pkv games to have the benefits. The players can become successful at the online platform with selecting the right strategies. The preparation of the right approach is with the intelligence of the gamblers. 

The thing is we’re not robots we’re people and we need to be able to get our head, to get our mind straight, get our life kind of back in that winning mentality, start to remember what it’s like to stack people, start remember what winning sessions feel like and then also get that confidence, that you need to play your poker game. If the losing continues, you can really start to assess your game in a more. Get some analysis, start to look at things, look at the best people in your games and figure out is this really the best poker strategy. Move down to stakes, when you feel comfortable and start to get some wins, find some softer games.

Step two is you want to make sure to analyze your play, because a problem people have a lot of the time is to not analyze their play when they’re winning. So you should also be doing this on poker upswing.

When you are on a downswing, it’s a good time to increase the amount of time you study:

  • look at the best players in texas holdem poker;
  • look at the online poker players;
  • look at the poker hands that they play;
  • try to use that to draw conclusions about what you should be doing.

There’s no shame in being, what you thinking this guy actually has a much better poker strategy, than what you using, you should use that, it’s a good strategy. Don’t feel like you got to stick it out with the same things you’ve always worked, always have an openness in poker to see what’s out, there to try improve your Poker Strategies and Your Poker Success.

If you feel this pressure, like you need to get out of it, you’re not can a play your game, because you’re going to be so focused on winning, you’re not focused on playing your best. A lot of times in texas holdem poker you’re going to have to make decisions, that you’re mainly going to lose, if someone bets the river, or jams the river. You’re going to be getting odds on your call, so if they’re playing correctly, you’re mainly going to lose when you call. When you have that constant losing reinforced with going on a big downswing, the mental effect can be devastating.

Don’t feel like the world is against you and that this only happens to you and you must be the most unlucky person ever. When you learn from these events and you understand that you are not the most unlucky person in the world, this is part of fluctuation in the game of gambling. It’ll help you down the road as you try and progress as a poker player and as you try to live your life as a Professional Poker Player.

So when you’re on that downswing, make sure to stick to your best poker game type, make sure to play stakes where you can afford to lose, it’s okay to step down for a little bit. You don’t have to feel like you have to like show people you’re cool and you’re gonna play high stakes anyway, play a game you can win, get back in that winning mindset and then find your way out of the downswing through playing good and moving back up in stakes.

If you approach it like a professional and work hard every day, you’re going to get out of it eventually. In the future don’t make those mistakes again, but don’t beat yourself up over a decision, because the past is the past.