So where are coming from bingo I hear you ask? Was it made ​​up by the kings and queens of old, in their big old castles in the past few days, when it was still entertain no internet, TV or radio? Was it something was imported from a far away place like tea? There are many questions surrounding the origins of bingo, and if the truth is told, no one knows exactly from where the game of Bingo originated. Historians and gaming experts can only speculate as to the true origin of bingo and this has led to such a thing as a debate among bingo boffins.

How alcohol in the United States, the United Kingdom was subject to strict regulation in gaming over the years, and this has the game of bingo and how popular it was affected. In the Puritan era in Britain the game of bingo was very limited, but if Charles the second was in the 17th Century perched again the game of bingo was a very popular venture among all people, rich and poor.

In the 18th Century Britain was the government with bingo games as a means of raising money through state lotteries. Tickets for these types of games were very expensive, and the poorer niches of society, ultimately their own forms of the game so that they could also play. These were called “penny lotteries” and “bit is “inter alia.

In the UK at least, there are the first records of bingo and lotto games, the. Selecting the random numbers and the awarding of prizes as a result Some of the earliest records of these games record games similar to bingo, which were just called other things such as ‘ housey “,” raffle “and” Lotto ” . Such records trace Bingo from the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first in the 16 and 17. Century. At that time, Bingo was, however, played in various forms by all people rich and poor.

Companies were operated with bingo games and these were very profitable. When the Mayor of London to prevent a law women work from gambling with dice, they found a way to get by playing this problem wheels with numbers. This just goes to show that bingo is addictive, although banned by the government. We are happy to not suffer from the same limitations today, and can play to your heart’s content. This is the reason why people are turning to online bingo and online casino such as judi online. There is less restriction and yet players can still enjoy and have fun.

In the 18th Century bingo and bingo games were played type throughout the world in countries such as Mexico, Malta and the Royal Navy in various countries. In recent times, the game of bingo is massively popular and can be played over the Internet with large and small brands Bingo, and in bingo halls throughout the UK.