The road to success starts by taking advantage of the art of losing. This is the most important part of wagering on sports on credible and 먹튀검증 sources that helped me get the most profit. In order to earn money on a regular basis, you have to search for consistency. And it’s always easier to be consistent in losing than in winning.

This is why I prefer betting on the weak teams to lose rather than on the strong ones to win. There are a lot of advantages implied by this strategy. First of all, you have better odds, let’s take a practical example. If you bet on Barcelona to defeat Malaga at home your odds won’t be higher than 1.20. But if you bet on Malaga to lose away to a mid-table team like Deportivo or Bilbao, you will surely have odds of at least 1.60.

Plus that it is always more frustrating to lose while betting on the clear favorites than by betting against a losing prone team.

So just choose your sport, forget about the winners, pick the losers and you’ll surely have more success.

A shortlist of a few of those teams that are reliable losers has to include: Nba’s – Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Twolves, Oklahoma Thunder, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks – NHL’s – Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and Florida Panthers. Moving to soccer, I have to mention teams like Hull City, Hertha Berlin, Bochum, Xerez, Espanyol especially when they play away, Catania and Livorno from Italy and Grenoble from France.

Thanks to the wide variety of betting types you don’t necessarily need to wager on this teams to lose, you can also try special bets like handicap betting or predicting that this teams, especially in soccer, will allow one or more goals to be scored against them or that they won’t score more than once.

One of my favorite sports that brought me the most success in tennis. I have my candidates here who always like to go on a few nice and long losing streaks during the season. Here are just a few names: France’s Fabrice Santoro, Richard Gasquet, Russia’s Marat Safin, Spain’s JC Ferrero, A, Montanes, USA’s R. Ginepri and V. Spadea, Belgium’s Rochus and many others. Don’t get me wrong these players are by no means untalented athletes, if you check the rankings they are all top 100 players, most of them have even won a bunch of tournaments, Ferrero and Safin have won majors and even topped the rankings for short periods of time, but they all share inconsistency and a losing mentality. Another key advantage is that you’ll always have good odds by betting against them.

So have fun taking advantage of other people’s misery!