If you are going to Las Vegas, then the first thing you should buy for your trip is a fanny pack. Both men and women alike please note this for your future trips. The fanny pack is not only excellent for what it can carry, but it is attached and difficult to lose. As an extra precaution, I put one of the straps through the loops in my blue jeans. I recommend that you do this on only one side, in case of bathroom emergencies. This is why not everyone is interested in carrying a fanny pack as they move to any casino. For such people, there is agen judi bola which is an online casino that they try without any need for carrying anything.

One trip to Las Vegas, I had purchased a fanny pack for my life partner. He was too macho to use it, and so it lay in the trunk of the rental car as we made our first casino stop on the way to the hotel. The man never had won more than $15 in a casino and on his very first dollar hit $250 in a nickel machine. Those were the days of the coins coming out and that amount meant a hand pay. All-day long he returned to that machine as I played video keno. All-day long he kept coming back to show me the bucket of nickels he had collected. At the end of the day, he still had every dollar of vacation money and an additional $500. We were about to leave but decided to get a drink before we ventured to the hotel. When he went to get his wallet, it was gone. There had been a crowd around and he had been bumped several times. His pocket had been picked. Now, he had no money, no license, and six more days in Las Vegas. This could have been prevented had he had a fanny pack on. Of course the next day he used it…to keep mints and small change in.

If you are getting ready for the casino make certain that you pack several “necessary” items. If you take medication to have 2 days worth in your fanny pack. One day tends to roll into another in Las Vegas. If you don’t need it, it will be available the next time you are out. Also, take a small container with aspirin and antacids. The buffets and the noise can make both of these valuable items. I tend to be a food person. Not that I eat all the time, I do but don’t weigh that much, but I need to have extra food on me, just in case. I always carry candy in my fanny pack. I recommend that you don’t carry chocolate since Las Vegas is hot and the fanny pack will be against your body so it will be twice as hot. I do recommend mints, hard candies, and if there is room, an apple. The casinos are dry no matter what part of the country you are in, and the moisture will help your mouth and throat. Breath gum is always great to have along.

Keep 1/2 your money for the day in one section and if you have a zip-up section next to your body, keep all the rest of your funds there. If you win, transfer half to the permanent fund next to you and continue to play on the win. I don’t recommend that you take an ATM card or credit card with you, but if you do, keep it in one of those plastic business card holders and put your driver’s license on the other side. If you don’t have one, ask around. They usually come in every box of business cards that are ordered. Keep that in the most secure place inside your fanny pack. Keep it in a zipped area on the inside.

If you are a smoker carry an extra package of cigarettes with you. If you have to buy them in a casino, they will cost as much as three packs in the real world. Also if you are going to use coupons, keep them in a plain envelope in the middle of the fanny pack. Chapstick and touch up make can go in, but keep it to a minimum. At the end of the day, I would rather have an apple in my fanny pack to munch on, than put on lipstick. Women also should keep a mini pad as a just in case, in theirs.

Two last items that are excellent to have along are the towelettes for clothing stain removal and hand towelettes. Both of these are tiny packets and fit comfortably in the pouch.