The latest hot topic of conversation is whether or not a Facebook Poker bot exists and if it does, does it even work! The idea behind a Facebook Poker bot is an automated computer program that will play for you 24/7 and will win you chips. Wouldn’t it be nice to start a computer program before you sleep so you can wake up the next morning to see that your bot has just won you a million in chips? But can a bot really be programmed to win at poker? And would anyone even try to waste their time to configure a bot to work with a play money site?

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Do Poker Bots Exist?

Whilst bots do certainly exist for real money poker sites, it is a bit of a stretch to think there are many poker bots in existence on Facebook Poker as there is very little money involved. One thing is for sure, a poker bot that could consistently win would make its owner a lot of money and thus logically it would be worth a lot if it was sold.

However if it actually worked the owner should be very reluctant to actually sell it. If this person sold it, then it would make it much more likely for the poker sites to get their hands on it and find ways to render it useless. Why would the owner risk their guaranteed income stream worth thousands if not millions of dollars just to sell his program for a measly $50? He wouldn’t of course, if the poker bot actually worked he would sell it for a value to compensate himself fairly, naturally this would be in the region of several hundred thousand dollars. How many poker bots do you see on sale for this amount? None! That’s because if there is a working poker bot out there, their makers aren’t selling them.

Types of Poker Bot

Not to worry though, a winning poker bot is extremely hard to program especially for No Limit games. The numbers of variables to consider are often too great to produce a bot of sufficient complexity to win at No Limit games.

Having said this Fixed Limit games are a much easier nut to crack for programmers due to the mathematical nature of the game due to the fixed bet sizes. There are likely a few bots out there that are capable of winning at low and micro stakes games. Although once it progresses up the limits it again becomes a losing proposition unable to cope with the higher skilled players found on the higher limits. Bottom line, is that a bot is only very basic and can only the beat some of the weakest online players.

Another breed of poker bot that could be arising are short stack bots. These will typically buy in for the absolute minimum i.e. 20BBs. This has the effect of making most decisions very simple either all in or fold which can then be determined mathematically. Not surprisingly a program can be made quite easily to determine whether it wants to push or fold based on if it has a mathematical positive expectation.

Security Measures Against Poker Bots

Whilst these short stacking bots are certainly the most likely and probably the most profitable poker sites are often very quick to catch them and eliminate them whilst refunding any money to the real players it has affected. Real money sites have security teams and programs constantly searching for collusion or cheaters as after all they are set to lose a lot of money if their integrity is questionable. Real money sites such as Full Tilt poker are certainly a very safe environment to play poker in. Full Tilt Poker has also increased the minimum buy ins of its games to 40BBs thus rendering any bots that did actually exist useless.

Although I highly doubt Facebook Poker have any real measures in place to prevent the use of poker bots I would be very surprised that there are any working poker bots in play. Simply because there are not enough motives for someone to spend hour upon hour to make one when there is little monetary incentive. If that person was intelligent enough to make one, he could make several times more money by allocating his time elsewhere.

If you are still not convinced about the security of Facebook Poker then play at Full Tilt Poker where there constant updates, security teams and programs will ensure a safe playing environment.

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