It was so easy to go to your computer, log in to any online casino account you had, deposit and just play. Can you imagine a time when you’d even get paid immediately? It was almost better than a trip to Reno or Las Vegas!

The very first casino account that I opened was at Captain Cook’s Casino. It was such an awesome experience! I could sit at my desk playing and in the same breath, I could get up do the laundry, cook dinner, talk on the phone and whatever else I needed to do. I didn’t even need to leave the house to do any of this.

Back then, depositing was such a breeze! It was as easy as online shopping! Just select your favorite online casino and บาคาร่าออนไลน์  and go to the checkout, er…. deposit page; enter your credit card info and you’re ready to play! There weren’t a gazillion deposit options. It just wasn’t necessary. There were no deposit hassles… well, only if you didn’t have an available balance on your credit card! It was just so simple back then. Today, we now have a gazillion deposit options, but it’s still not as easy to deposit and play when you want to. You’ve got fees for this, fees for that, restrictions on which of the deposit methods you can use! You have to open more and more online deposit methods just in hopes that it will work for you!

Withdrawing your winnings was just as simple as it was to deposit! I remember checking my card balance within 30 minutes of a withdrawal and my winnings were already credited to my account. It was even faster than returning merchandise at the store! To top it off, sometimes I could even pay off my balances with my wins! Now, how awesome is that?? What do you have to go through today in order to receive your winnings? First off, are there still any online casinos that will pay you within 24 hours? I can’t think of a single online casino that will pay you that quickly. From what I can remember, there were a few casinos before that would pay winnings instantly via Neteller, but I’m certain that they no longer do that. There are still a few online casinos that pay faster than most. From my experience, those are:, Intertops, and Club World Casinos.

How does that compare to online casinos of today? Well, lets see…… today, we have tons and tons of casinos to choose from, there are so many casino software providers, longer withdrawal times, harder to deposit at times, etc….. But, the fact remains that it’s still so much fun to log into your online casino account and just play! The software of today has such a vast variety of games to choose from. Additionally, the technology of today makes it even more secure to play online. Personally, I feel that I would win more back in the day. But, who knows! Maybe I was really just playing on my lucky days!

Please take some time to browse around at Casino Gambling Hot Spot. I know that its a new site, but with so many changes in online gambling today, there is still so much to try to write about. I’ll be trying to fill up these pages with some standard reviews that I will be compiling from a personal experience. It may take a while to get them all done, but they will start appearing!

Casino, a place that is made for gambling, usually built with hotels, restaurants, etc. Casinos host entertainment shows like stand up and concerts as well. The minimum gambling age varies from 18 to 21 worldwide. The games at the casino vary based on your chances and they have mathematically established odds that guarantee the house always has an upper hand over the players.