While many people are quick to label poker as gambling, there are many professional poker players around the world who would argue that point. Gambling suggests that poker is a game of luck or chance, ignoring any factor of a skill component. Let us make one thing perfectly clear, poker, and more specifically Texas Hold’em, is a game of skill when you play the game on a 온라인 카지노 사이트. If you have any doubt, then look at the success of a number of the world’s top poker players, and try and fathom how their continued success at the poker table is the result of luck. It is impossible to ignore that their skill has allowed them to overcome the random component of poker. This is your chance to learn some of the basic strategies for removing luck from the poker table. Here you will learn the best starting hands in Texas Hold’em Poker.

One thing to keep in mind, playing random hands in poker may win you the battle, but it will ultimately lose you the war. The fact of the matter is that any two-hole cards can conceivably win in a showdown, but employed over a period of time this strategy is a loser. Some hands (such as a pair of Aces) are so much are stronger mathematically than others (Two, Three Suited) and it would be foolish to ignore this fact. Playing the strongest hands will result in greater success at the poker table over the long run.

Winning money in poker is not going to happen in a single hand, it happens over time. Winning a hand in a big pot may seem like a big deal, but it is not going to offset the losses you incur if you decide to play too many hands, and rely on luck or chance to succeed. But if you employ sound strategies, and learn the game of Texas Hold’em, over the long haul you will earn far greater rewards.

Here are our10 best starting hands in Texas Hold’em Poker, from the top to bottom. These are the ten hands that make the most sense to play when you are starting out in Texas Hold’em. Once you become more comfortable with the game, it will make more sense to expand your repertoire, but for now, learn the basics and save your money.

  1. Pocket Aces

Well, not a big secret here, as pocket aces are without question the strongest starting hand in Texas Hold’em poker. Since most posts are won with only a pair at a showdown, if you have pocket Aces, you cannot be beaten by another pair. It also gives you a strong opportunity to land some additional help on the flop, the turn, or the river. Bottom line, when you land pocket aces, play aggressive from the start. As your skills improve, there will be a number of strategies you can employ to grow the pot by slow-playing, but you are a beginner and it is best to not joke around. Bet aggressively and take your money. If someone is intent on sticking around to see the flop, then make them pay and remember that even if you miss the flop completely you still have a strong hand to play.

  1. Pocket Kings

Much like what was discussed above, pocket cowboys are an excellent hand that is only trumped by aces. It allows for you to be very aggressive off Preflop, perhaps even more aggressive than aces, as you want to push out any competitors that are playing A-X (X meaning any other card) before the flop comes down. The only hesitation to keep in mind is if you see a typically ultra-conservative player challenging you, this probably means they too have a strong hand, which could be aces, or kings or queens. Still, unless you have a strong suspicion of running up against Aces (which is mathematically unlikely but not far from impossible), you must play Kings strong before the flop. One thing to keep in mind, if you cannot push everyone out and then the flop comes down, if an Ace appears, you need to re-evaluate your position.

  1. Pocket Queens

Another excellent hand to play very aggressively, much like Kings before the flop. Chances are you will have the best hand before the flop, but there are a number of cards that could come down which put you behind after the flop so push your opponents out and don’t leave it up to chance.

  1. Ace – King Suited

While many people may argue with this hand is the fourth-best hand before the flop, it is a high percentage hand that provides a number of options. Play this hand aggressively, and get rid of the stragglers or hangers-on. The nice thing to remember is that many bad poker players will play any A-X combination, hoping to land an Ace on the flop. Ace-King suited gives you the insurance of having a top kicker, and it also gives you an outside shot at either a straight or flush or in some very rare cases the ultimate, a Royal Flush.

  1. Pocket Jacks

Now things get a little more interesting, as this is the fifth-best hand you can be dealt, but it is still potentially vulnerable. When you land pocket aces or kings, or even Ace-King, you are insulated from a number of the high cards coming down on the flop, even benefited. With a pair of Jacks, every Ace, King, or Queen that lands face-up on the table could be a backbreaker. That being said, this is still an excellent hand, and one to play aggressively but also with caution. If you are in a late position, and betting is ridiculous then think about sitting this one out. Bottom line, you should feel confident playing pocket Jacks, but pay attention to the other players, and do not fight the flop. If the flop comes down, and it provides a number of potential problems for Jacks, then cut your losses if it gets too expensive.