Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Features Multiple Zombies Campaigns

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Features Multiple Zombies Campaigns

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Features Multiple Zombies Campaigns

As a bit of background, I noted back in March that the Call of Duty franchise, despite its massive successes, was stuck in a bit of a rut: Attempts at creating new multi-game franchises have all failed since the heights of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. The air part is perhaps the most interesting as existing Battle Royale titles have avoided air vehicles beyond parachutes due to how they impact performance and gameplay. Black Ops 4 also reintroduces difficulty levels and an in-game tutorial to onboard new players to the Zombies universe, while giving hardcore players the option of ratcheting up the challenge.

New to Zombies aside from the radical setting changes is customizability that allows players and the developers to come up with different kinds of game modes within Zombies to keep things fresh or just mess around with. Items/abilities are set to R1 while health recovery is set to L1. Synergy is the operative word in Black Ops 4's multiplayer. Instead you'll have to manually heal yourself. Stripping away thrust boosters and wallrunning, making health regeneration manual rather than automatic, providing bespoke attachments for individual guns, adding predictable recoil patterns, and ensuring you're nearly always able to fire your weapon, even while vaulting - these changes make Black Ops 4 feel much more competitive than any of its predecessors.

Having to manually administer health might sound like a minor change, but the decisions it forces upon you add some much-needed unpredictability and variation to the COD gun battles you're used to. Players can equip one of two healing items in the Gear slot: the Stim Pack which has players healing more often and more quickly or the Body Armor which reduces damage from bullets until it breaks.

For more direct storytelling, you'll have to check out the zombies mode. The first, "Nine", appears to take place in the distant past, and sees a group of heroes forced to use archaic melee weapons to deal with a zombie threat set loose by a malicious and mysterious organization.

Activision has finally released a long trailer for its Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

All these experiences are loosely connected. The mode will be getting three maps at launch: IX, Voyage of Despair and Blood of the Dead. Character customization will be offered instead, though few details about that were given on-stage.

If anything a year ago showed us that campaigns are not dead in shooters. A tutorial will also be included. With any luck, increased support for the platform will give more people a reason to pick up the game on PC.

With Blackout, Treyarch confirmed long-held rumors that the newest "Call of Duty" would feature a battle royale mode along the lines of mega-popular games like "Fortnite".

While Activision did not reveal official gameplay footage for Blackout mode, promotional footage played at Thursday's event featured memorable characters like CIA Special Agent Jason Hudson, Captain Viktor Reznov of the Red Army and Master Sergeant Frank Woods.

Battlefield V is rumored to be in the prototype stages of a battle royale mode, yet they are comitted to delivering a high-quality single-player experience as well, in addition to traditional multiplayer. We know there is no jet pack or boost jumping, but you can still slide.