Amazon ramps up Prime perks at Whole Foods

  • Amazon ramps up Prime perks at Whole Foods

Amazon ramps up Prime perks at Whole Foods

There was even a sighting last month that suggested that Amazon would be giving Prime members a 10% discount. They also can opt in to use their phone number at checkout to get the savings.

It's Prime time at Whole Foods: Amazon said it will give its Prime members extra discounts at the grocery chain. The latest to celebrate: Whole Foods discounts. That will display a code for cashiers to scan that will verify customers' Prime membership.

Amazon has actually been successfully leveraging its acquisition of the organic store chain, with several appealing deals offered to customers in the past. Prime members will get an additional 10% off sale items and exclusive deals on certain groceries. The perks roll out across all Florida stores today and will reach all Whole Foods locations in the USA this summer.

When Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) bought Whole Foods, other grocery companies anxious that America's largest e-commerce company would use its delivery systems to make groceries more readily available, particularly for home delivery. It won't be long before Amazon expands the number of participating stores, as it plans to launch these Prime incentives at all 365 Whole Foods stores across the U.S. later this summer. In fact, the new discounts replace Whole Foods weak customer loyalty program that ended on May 2.

Amazon and Whole Foods Market have reduced prices on hundreds of grocery staples and fresh foods, including: responsibly-farmed salmon, raw shrimp and tilapia; organic baby kale and organic broccoli; animal welfare-rated lean ground beef; and organic and no-antibiotic, boneless skinless chicken breasts. "But this is a more meaty idea, tying together this idea of providing fresh foods at a good price to Prime members", Bob Hetu, a retail industry analyst with Gartner, told USA Today. An estimated 100 million people worldwide subscribe to Prime. Online store sales climbed 13% to $26.94 billion, while sales at physical stores, including Whole Foods, totaled $4.26 billion (no year-over-year change was available).