YouTube to Launch New Music Streaming Service

  • YouTube to Launch New Music Streaming Service

YouTube to Launch New Music Streaming Service

After several months of delays, YouTube Music is relaunching its subscription service on Tuesday, which will be available as an ad-supported (i.e. free) model and as a Premium model for $9.99 per month, with various bundle options for other Google services.

That's right, the new streaming channel is less than a week away, but there's a catch - it is only available at launch in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.

For those who are subscribers to Google Play Music, they get Music Premium membership as a part of their subscription each month. We caught wind of a new service coming past year and it was meant to arrive in March, so it's only a couple of months late. "If there was ever a company that could build a successful subscription business, it would be YouTube", Lyor Cohen, YouTube's head of music, said this week in an interview. It is a mobile app and desktop player that gives you access to millions of songs. Entering the gym? We'll suggest some beats to get the heart-rate going. YouTube Music has a comprehensive search function too, that you can use to find songs even if you don't know the name or artist. The free tier gives you as much as you can listen to with ads.

YouTube has never disclosed how many people subscribe to YouTube Music (or YouTube Red, for that matter), but its subscription music service has largely existed in the shadow of Spotify, the biggest streaming music service with 75 million paying members, and Apple Music, with its closest competitor with 40 million paid subscribers.

In addition to YouTube Music, Google has announced the arrival of YouTube Premium, which is coming to replace the service previously known as YouTube Red. All your Google playlists and purchases will remain safe.

For existing YouTube Red members, the current price will continue for YouTube Premium, it said.

New subscribers, on the other hand, will have to pay more as YouTube Music Premium is now included in the offer. They plan to expand quickly after that to countries like Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, and Sweden.

YouTube appears to have pressed the button on the blog post earlier than expected, after industry pundit Bob Lefsetz published his latest daily letter about a demo of the new service given to him by Cohen. As before, it covers the whole of YouTube (not just the music videos) and offers access to some exclusive shows, but the price is getting bumped up to $11.99/month.

And not only that, as Google's streaming music platform will be able to recommend playlists based on our location.