Amazon introduces special Whole Foods discounts for Prime members

  • Amazon introduces special Whole Foods discounts for Prime members

Amazon introduces special Whole Foods discounts for Prime members

Mackey is betting on Prime to convince shoppers wary of its "Whole Paycheck" reputation that it is an affordable option for more of their purchases.

Amazon's Prime membership is worth $785 annually, according to JPMorgan.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Prime members will get discounts on sale items.

Sustainably-sourced, wild-caught halibut steaks: $9.99/lb., save $10/lb.

Amazon and Whole Foods Market have reduced prices for all customers on hundreds of grocery staples and fresh foods across the store, including: responsibly-farmed salmon, raw shrimp and tilapia; organic baby kale and organic broccoli; animal welfare-rated lean ground beef; and organic and no-antibiotic, boneless skinless chicken breasts. That isn't all the company is doing, as it will soon offer weekly deals for Prime subscribers.

Of course, discounts on Whole Foods products have to compress margins in its grocery business.

The retail giant is offering an extra 10 percent discount on all sale items at whole foods stores.

Cold brew coffee at Allegro coffee bars: 50% off 16 oz.

Sure, Amazon Prime's membership price is going up, but with new perks added practically every week, who can complain?

The Seattle-based company is offering its prime members an additional 10% on sale items at Whole Foods stores.

Amazon continued its march to marketplace domination today by announcing that Prime members will get deep discounts from Whole Foods, the asparagus water shilling-grocer Amazon acquired a year ago for almost $14 billion.

It is also testing last-minute deals on perishable food market. Amazon has been trying to convert its loyal online Prime shoppers to become loyal Whole Foods shoppers and have previously offered free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores.

Amazon has fired another shot across the supermarket industry's bow.

Those customers, who pay an annual fee for benefits such as free two-day shipping and access to Amazon's video and music library, will now also get discounts at the upscale, organic supermarket that Amazon bought previous year.

As it stands, it would seem that Amazon is trying to position its Prime platform as the de facto service for a lot of Americans, Recode notes. That service, launched in February, is now available at Whole Foods locations in 10 USA metropolitan markets: Denver, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach.