Gap Apologizes for Shirts With 'Incomplete' Map of China

  • Gap Apologizes for Shirts With 'Incomplete' Map of China

Gap Apologizes for Shirts With 'Incomplete' Map of China

According to the BBC, US clothing brand Gap has apologies after selling T-shirts that showed an "incorrect map" of China. Specifically, Taiwan, "Southern Tibet", and the South China Sea were omitted from the map.

"The GAP Group respects China's sovereignty and territorial integrity", the company added in its statement.

Gap, in a statement posted on Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter, admitted that a Gap brand T-shirt sold in some overseas markets "mistakenly failed to reflect the correct map of China".

The U.S. also formally acknowledges China's claim on the island, under the One China policy that established diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1979 - though the U.S. continues to maintain a significant unofficial relationship with Taiwan. Taiwanese media had angry articles accusing the Gap of "kowtowing" to China, while the English-language Global Times adopted an approving tone of the decision to apologies.

"As a responsible company, Gap Inc. strictly follows Chinese laws and rules", read the statement.

The company is now conducting a internal investigation into the error after recalling the shirts.

US clothing retailer Gap has apologized Monday, May 14, 2018, for selling T-shirts with what it says was an "erroneous" map of China. In the South China Sea, China is engaged in a number of disputes over islands, coral reefs, and lagoons in what is a major commercial thoroughfare that is potentially rich in resources. On April 25, it sent dozens of global airlines a written threat of severe punishments if they don't change their websites to declare that Taiwan is part of China - a move that provoked a strong pushback from the White House.

As the New York Times points out, companies like Delta Air Lines, Marriott, and Zara have also been called out for failing to recognized Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet as sovereign to China, instead referring to them as separate countries.

While Taiwan is self-governed, only a minority of countries recognize its sovereignty as a nation independent of China. Mercedes-Benz said sorry for quoting the Dalai Lama on social media.

The U.S. has started pushing back against Beijing, with the White House condemning China's efforts to control how U.S. airlines refer to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as "Orwellian nonsense".