New York Nanny Sentenced To Life For Murdering Children In Her Care

  • New York Nanny Sentenced To Life For Murdering Children In Her Care

New York Nanny Sentenced To Life For Murdering Children In Her Care

A NY jury found her guilty last month on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder.

During the recent trial in the Supreme Court at Manhattan, the mother of this victims Marina Krim told the court the way she had come house along with her third child, three-year-old Nessie, after Ortega failed to turn upward at Lulu's dancing course. Kevin Krim, a digital media executive at CNBC, believed hiring the nanny was necessary, he testified, because he was working 12-hour days.

Ortega was also trying hard to pay for tuition prices on her 17-year-old son, whom she had attracted for the united states from the Dominican Republic and registered at an exclusive school.

Krim opened the door to the bathroom to discover the children's bodies stacked in the tub. Kim said that during the investigation, neither the babysitter nor her family showed no regret over the death of children.

She described her children as "powerful forces" and "two stars now that will always lead us forward", in a heartbreaking tribute.

When she arrived she saw the lights were off in the home, which puzzled her.

Lucia was 6. Leo was 2. Ortega also slit both children's throats.

"You will know a diseased mind when you see it", Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, Ms. Ortega's lawyer, told jurors at the start of the trial.

"It's the people of NY who wrapped their arms around us in our darkest moment - they are what make this the greatest city in the world", he said.

The defense countered that Ms. Ortega suffered from a chronic mental illness and was experiencing a psychotic and dissociative episode when she killed the children.

"It was not a decision we reached lightly or easily", one juror, David Curtis, said after the verdict at a news conference attended by himself and some of the other jurors.

"The defendant is an evil and utterly unsafe narcissist", he said.

The children's parents, speaking to the judge before sentencing, demanded the maximum sentence.

Ortega had been working for the family for almost two years when she brought the two siblings to the back bathroom of their Upper West Side apartment and stabbed them to death. "We'll miss them all our lives". "This defendant to this day has shown no remorse". He said she never should have put the family, the jurors or the audience through it. She wept and apologized to the family during the sentencing hearing.

"I am very sorry that it happened, and I hope no one will have to go through what I did".

"My life is in the hands of God", she said.

But Judge Gregory Carro referred to Ortega as "pure evil" and said she should spend the rest of her life in prison.

At Ortega's trial, Kevin Krim testified that when his plane landed in NY that night in October 2012, he was met by police, who escorted him to the hospital where the bodies of his dead children had been brought, along with his wife and surviving child.