Houston Rockets playing in Western Conference Finals

  • Houston Rockets playing in Western Conference Finals

Houston Rockets playing in Western Conference Finals

As the announcers noted, he was lucky not to have picked up his second technical. Both teams are among the league's best first-quarter teams.

Golden State led the National Basketball Association in scoring just ahead of Houston this season.

Steph Curry added 18 for the Warriors, who are in the conference finals for a franchise-record fourth straight time. Curry missed his first free throw of the playoffs in the third quarter after making all 19 attempts in the first two rounds. But, for all their otherworldly talent, the Rockets and Warriors have no secrets.

The Rockets, particularly probable MVP James Harden, accepted Curry's invitation often during Game 1. Curry has been outstanding since returning from injury, and getting the gang of Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green healthy enough for another Finals run might be just enough to put the team over the top.

Well, that series is here, and the Warriors don't seem all that piqued by the prospect of it starting (and possibly finishing) in the Lone Star State.

"We're not about to run around like, 'Yeah, we want to play them in the conference finals.' For what?"

"He'll play quite a bit against Capela". The whole key defensively these days is can you guard multiple positions and multiple actions, and he can do that. Curry returned from almost six months sidelined with a sprained left knee to play the final four games of a five-game semifinal series against New Orleans.

However, don't forget, the Houston Rockets do have home court advantage in this series, which could be a decisive factor if it should go seven games.

Chris Paul didn't have a bad game with 23 points and 11 rebounds. The only problem with that is the Rockets rely even heavier on the 3-point shot and would have to be extremely hot at the same time Golden State is slumping. It was a formula built to stop Golden State, but one that also took care of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Jazz in five games each. For Paul, this is the furthest he's ever gotten in the playoffs. While they had success against Golden State in-season, the playoffs are another beast altogether If they were going to get it done this time, they needed everyone to bring their "A" game.

For Houston, the challenge is as daunting.

Warriors' Andre Iguodala, $6,100: Like Green Iguodala is a stat stuffer that has the potential for a big game if he can hit his limited shooting opportunities. That lineup has assisted on 75 percent of its field goals and is playing at a torrid pace of 114 possessions per 48 minutes. If things going according to plan, Capela will defend the Warriors' smaller players well and dominate the paint on offense as he done all playoffs long. In the regular season, Harden has worked in the isolation 95 percent of his touches.

I don't think it will be. You do what you can. "You've got two great scorers over there in [Chris Paul] and James. You have to try to make it harder for him". It's a chess match. They're going to score a bunch of points.

That philosophy applies to both teams on both ends.

The Houston Rockets believe they can beat the Golden State Warriors.

And if their thinking holds true, coach Steve Kerr's Dubs and coach Tyronn Lue's Cavs are most-likely to hurdle the Rockets and the Celtics, respectively, to, for the fourth consecutive seasons, dispute anew all the marbles. This means that millions of fans across the nation are going to be having a lot more fun with their sports watching.