One dead from Ebola, 11 others infected, DRC confirms

  • One dead from Ebola, 11 others infected, DRC confirms

One dead from Ebola, 11 others infected, DRC confirms

"Twenty-one cases of fever with haemorrhagic signs and 17 deaths" were recorded with a fatality rate of 80%, says a statement of the Ministry of Health, which describes the situation as an "international public health emergency".

Health Ministry Cabinet Secretary (CS) Sicily Kariuki said the measure is in line with global health standards to prevent the spread of the highly infectious deadly disease.

"Our country is facing a new epidemic of Ebola that is a public health emergency of worldwide concern".

While emphasizing that Cholera is preventable, the Ghana Health Service said the disease can be prevented "by improved environmental sanitation, personal hygiene and drinking safe water". has learnt 17 people in northwest DRC have died of the disease according to the country's Health ministry's report of Tuesday, May 8.

This is DRC's ninth outbreak of Ebola since the discovery of the virus in the country in 1976.

DRC announced on May 10 that it could confirm the first death of the new Ebola outbreak.

"On Monday, blood samples from five patients in the DRC, particularly in a particular district in DRC, two of the five cases, Ebola was actually confirmed".

Peter Salama, WHO deputy director-general, emergency preparedness and response, welcomed the United Kingdom support. World Health Organization has also alerted neighbouring countries.

The WHO said that it is working closely with the DRC government to contain the spread of the viral disease.

The disease is believed to be spread by bats, who can incubate the virus without being affected by it.

None of the Ebola outbreaks in Congo have been connected to the massive outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa that began in 2014 and left more than 11,300 dead.

A health worker sprays a colleague with disinfectant during a training session for Congolese health workers to deal with the Ebola virus in Kinshasa on October 21, 2014.

Congo's long experience of Ebola and its remote geography mean outbreaks are often localised and relatively easy to isolate.

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