Year Old Scientist Kills Himself With The Aid Of Drug

  • Year Old Scientist Kills Himself With The Aid Of Drug

Year Old Scientist Kills Himself With The Aid Of Drug

Goodall, a British-born ecologist, said he was an advocate for assisted suicide and believes the process should be made legal everywhere.

"One wants to be free to choose his death when death is at the appropriate time", Mr. Goodall said. "I no longer want to continue life".

He said he would have preferred to die in Australia and previously voiced his resentment over the country's laws.

Philip Nitschke, of the assisted suicide advocacy group Exit International, announced Goodall's passing on Twitter.

The cost of dying at the clinic is around £8,000.

David Goodall swallowed the lethal cocktail of chemicals at the Swiss clinic today.

Other pictures showed some of the equipment used by the clinic and Dr Goodall to assist him in ending his life.

Asked on Wednesday if he had any hesitations or doubts, the 104-year-old said: "No".

"Any person who for selfish motives incites or assists another to commit or attempt to commit suicide is, if that other person thereafter commits or attempts to commit suicide, liable to a custodial sentence not exceeding five years or to a monetary penalty".

Several family members were with Goodall until his death, which was preceded by formal paperwork that visibly frustrated Goodall, who said "What are we waiting for?"

The lethal cocktail is normally ingested, but since Goodall couldn't swallow, the substance was injected intravenously.

Dr Goodall will be taken to an undisclosed location as he dies at 9am, but he has not chosen a special last meal, he revealed. He has been a member of Exit International, a right-to-die organization, for about 20 years.

At a final press conference in the Swiss city of Basel yesterday, Prof.

"There's not going to be many people who have either the ability or the money or the willingness to go through what is quite a long and hard journey", Dr Nitschke said from Switzerland. He said: "I'll be thinking about the needle and hoping they aim right!".

Modern medical practice is very focussed on curing people but struggles to confront the suffering where death is inevitable and unavoidable.

"He wishes to have no funeral, no remembrance service or ceremony".

Dr Goodall's family plan to hold a memorial in Perth in the coming months.

He stepped back from full-time employment in 1979, but remained heavily involved in his field of work. He became editor-in-chief of Ecosystems of the World, a 30-volume major book series that systematically detailed our planet's major biomes, providing a comprehensive record of ecological knowledge.

He even selected the kind of song he would like to listen to when he is on his death bed - Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

Where else is assisted dying allowed?

"He is so courageous and I am so glad that he has been able to make his own choice".

Hundreds of people, many of them cancer patients, come to the small Alpine country each year to take their lives with help.

"I think that's a unsafe line to cross". My grandfather has approached this as a completely rational way and not let any emotion get in the way. I want to die. "The fact that he is doing this so publicly shows how courageous he is", he said.

Pro-life organisation Cherish Life Queensland issued a statement saying Prof Goodall's actions would encourage vulnerable people to follow his example.