Sixers Joel Embiid optimistic about 'bright future' following tough loss to Celtics

  • Sixers Joel Embiid optimistic about 'bright future' following tough loss to Celtics

Sixers Joel Embiid optimistic about 'bright future' following tough loss to Celtics

"I don't know who they're going to add or who they're going to go after but whoever they go after, hopefully they come and they're ready to win a championship". Embiid, who had talked plenty of trash throughout the series, missed the game-tying shot with 11 seconds remaining and had the rebound bounce off his leg, giving the Celtics possession and control of the game.

It starts with Ben Simmons, who made things look easy enough throughout the regular season that it was fair to wonder whether he would fool himself into thinking that's how easy things in the professional game really are.

This is a Celtics team without its two best players; Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. But Celtics fans won't have to rue the decision-making process, as Smart managed to close out the game in his characteristically frustrating but irreplaceable fashion. He even became the youngest player to record a triple-double. Meanwhile, Philadelphia took the best shot from the Miami Heat and still won in five games.

Both Simmons and Embiid were the targets of chants all series, from, "Not a rookie!" and "Shoot!" for the former, and the less creative, "Embiid sucks!" for the latter. "[Simmons] came up to me, showed me his hands, and he was like 'There's going to be a lot of rings on these'". "The initial goal was to make the playoffs". At the same time, LeBron James is still a threat anywhere he goes (we'll get to him in a moment), and the Toronto Raptors may tear everything down and start over.

The team's season of injuries and improbable wins has seemingly primed them to expect the unexpected.

No doubt about it, the Sixers got outplayed by Boston in the playoffs - and last year's draft.

When Boston rookie Jayson Tatum torched the Sixers, Fultz's absence from games drew a lot of attention. He had played in the first two games of that series.

Simmons-Embiid-Fultz were expected to form a trio of stars that would lead the Sixers to the top. "I think I said this on media day - this is the first time I would play in a real sports town - and it definitely lived up to those thoughts".

JJ Redick said he enjoyed his season with the Sixers about as much as any over his 12-year career.

In 10 playoff games, Redick averaged 18.2 points on 44.4% shooting, including 2.6 threes on 34.7% from three.

Redick would like to return but it's doubtful the Sixers would offer him that kind of cash, even on a shortened deal.

If the Lakers somehow land the No. 1 pick in the draft, that pick goes to the Sixers.