Republican reactionaries, CIA Democrats win primary nominations

  • Republican reactionaries, CIA Democrats win primary nominations

Republican reactionaries, CIA Democrats win primary nominations

Wealthy businessman Mike Braun prevailed in IN, defeating a pair of congressmen by emulating the president with an outsider campaign.

President Donald Trump and his allies cheered the West Virginia result, which helped avert a potential political disaster for a GOP already bracing for major losses in the November midterm elections.

Both parties view November's election as key to Senate control for the next two years.

Blankenship, who media outlets claimed was surging on the eve of the primary, ultimately finished third behind Rep. Evan Jenkins and the victor, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Donald Trump's political action committee is airing ads in West Virginia urging Democratic Sen. In West Virginia, both parties saw a surge in turnout compared to their 2014 primaries, but Democrats - still a majority of registered voters, though that's shrinking - outvoted Republicans.

State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey claimed the nomination instead, promoting his record of challenging policies of the administration of former President Barack Obama and deflecting criticism of his roots in New Jersey, where he lost a 2000 congressional race.

President Trump came out against Mr. Blankenship in the final days of the primary campaign, joining GOP leaders and groups aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who anxious that Mr. Blankenship could not defeat Mr. Manchin in the midterm election.

Four-term Republican state Rep. Robert Sprague, of Findlay, won the GOP primary for state treasurer over former Ashtabula County Auditor Sandra O'Brien. But Don, you can not question Don's conservatism and also him being a Republican in West Virginia. But he does seem to be looking to avoid antagonizing his on-again, off-again foe, while possibly looking to woo Blankenship supporters who don't like Morrisey (or at least depress GOP support for Morrisey).

Karnes on Tuesday night claimed an influx of the "far left" voted against him in the primary. Mountain Families PAC spent more than $1.3 million, all of it targeted at tanking Blankenship's bid for the Republican nomination.

In Indiana, Democratic Sen. The New York Times, for example, wrote: "Also worrisome for Mr. Manchin were the number of Democratic voters who supported his primary opponent, who ran a nominal campaign". "Ohio is going to move forward with the Trump agenda, and OH is going to get anybody who is an obstacle, including Senator Brown, out of the way".

Greg Pence, Vice President Mike Pence brother, is the projected victor of Indiana's 6th District GOP primary.

A good example is the race in Ohio's 10 congressional district, now held by Republican Michael Turner.

In Ohio, the Democratic establishment prevailed as former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray captured the gubernatorial nomination, defeating former congressman Dennis Kucinich. President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the district by 7 percentage points. Another version of the argument: Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.) might be able to win a party convention, but in primaries, voters will ruin their candidates with litmus tests. Troy Balderson won the crowded Republican primary.

For Democrats, more spending didn't necessarily lead to more votes.

Numbers from the Ohio Secretary of State's office show the so-called blue wave of Democratic enthusiasm evident in races in other states might not be a reality here.

There are five House seats without a Democrat candidate running and two without a Republican.

Manchin easily has won the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, defeating challenger Paula Jean Swearengin. Sherrod Brown in November.

Blankenship finished almost 21,000 votes behind Morrisey Tuesday and 13,000 behind Jenkins.

He could also challenge the state's sour grapes law that doesn't allow a losing candidate in the primary to file as a third party candidate in the same race in the general election.