Google I/O 2018: Android P Amazing Features Revealed

  • Google I/O 2018: Android P Amazing Features Revealed

Google I/O 2018: Android P Amazing Features Revealed

What happens when you fully install Android in a auto? One returns users to the previous screen, one takes you back to the home screen and a third brings up a menu. But it would be more surprising to hear that the Android P Beta Version will not only be launched on the Google Pixel but on the various other smartphones like Nokia, Vivo, OnePlus, Sony, Oppo, and others.

Android P will speed up Android TV setup process and make it easier. As the name implies, this allows you to follow up your initial conversation without having to say "Hey Google" over and over again. All you need to do is just point out the Camera to a particular thing and the Google Lens will start processing and it will show you the correct information using the Image Recognition tool. In addition, Google also partnered with DeepMind to develop the "Adaptive Battery" program that will assign more battery power to the highly used apps. Simply go through the usual steps to enable Developer Options and there you'll find options for three kinds of cutouts.

The update, among features being unveiled at Google I/O, comes as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and other technology leaders are vying to provide artificial intelligence to manage photos, emails, schedules and more. Another shortcut to enter the split screen mode is to hold down the recent apps button in the navigation bar but it too doesn't work anymore in Android P Beta. The first developer preview for Android P was made available earlier this year, and features like its adaptability for notch, improved privacy restrictions, and more were revealed. It also supports Google Assistant via a Bluetooth remote with built-in mics.

CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated the tech, which will be rolled out as an experiment over the coming weeks, at the tech giant's annual IO developers conference at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Head over to this link to download and install Android P beta on your device. This will give you more overall battery life-always a plus.

In Google's continued effort to make phones smarter, App Actions will anticipate what the user wants to do next based on past behaviour.