FAA Picks San Diego to Test Integration of Drones into Local Airspace

  • FAA Picks San Diego to Test Integration of Drones into Local Airspace

FAA Picks San Diego to Test Integration of Drones into Local Airspace

An application that would have seen Amazon deliver goods by drone to shoppers in New York City was also declined, a person familiar with the matter said.

The program in Virginia will focus on enabling technologies such as detect and avoid, Identification and tracking, radar systems, and mapping tools in a number of uses cases "including package delivery, emergency management, and infrastructure inspection", according to a statement from Virginia Tech, one of the project partners. In 2016, the UAS test site's partnership with Google's parent company Alphabet X's Project Wing tested its first burrito drone delivery. Asked about Amazon's absence, Deputy Transportation Secretary Jeff Rosen cited a rigorous process and said there were "no losers".

"While it's unfortunate the applications we were involved with were not selected, we support the administration's efforts to create a pilot program aimed at keeping America at the forefront of aviation and drone innovation", the company said in a statement.

Of course, President Donald Trump recently criticized Amazon, claiming it doesn't pay taxes and hurts the U.S. Postal Service. Trump claims Amazon pays too little in taxes and has a sweetheart deal with the U.S. Postal Service.

The start by the USA government previous year which will allow for a larger scale of testing.

The announcement is among the boldest from the government regarding drones. Its responsibilities will include package delivery, disaster response, agricultural surveying, herd management and nuclear power plant inspection.

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said dozens more projects could be approved in coming months, either with new waivers or under existing rules.

The program attracted 149 proposals. They will get special permission to test drone applications that are now banned or require a hard to attain waiver, such as flying unmanned systems over people, beyond line of sight and at night. "We formed a very strong team of partners in our bid to be considered as a program participant and are grateful to have been selected".

The governments selected will gather a wide range drone-related data over the next 2-1/2 years to help develop that framework.

Their main priorities will include night operations, package delivery, flights over people and long distance flights beyond the pilot's line of sight. They'll also collect information related to "reliability and security of data links between pilot and aircraft", the DOT said.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma; Durant, Okla.; City of San Diego, Calif.; Virginia Tech's Center for Innovative Technology, Herndon, Va.; Kansas Department of Transportation, Topeka, Kan.; Lee County Mosquito Control District, Ft.

The airport authority will partner with the City of Memphis, city police and fire departments, Agricenter International, the University of Memphis, the Tennessee Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics, FedEx, GE subsidiaries AirXOS and Avitas, Intel, Flirtey, 901Drones, Express Drone Parts and ForeverReady Productions.

"We're grateful to the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration for providing us with the opportunity to conduct our most advanced testing to date on USA soil", said James Ryan Burgess, co-lead of Project Wing, which will be testing in Virginia.