Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets Canceled At Fox After 5 Seasons

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets Canceled At Fox After 5 Seasons

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets Canceled At Fox After 5 Seasons

The news of the three cancellations was reported by Variety earlier today, and of all of them, Brooklyn Nine-Nine may be the hardest for the audience to reconcile with.

Fox canceled its comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth and The Mick on Thursday.

Fans on Twitter reacted to the cancellation using gifs from the show, and hoped for a renewal of the show using the hashtag #renewb99.

The cast also sent out their tweets of sorrow and thanks for the undying support over the years. Created by Dave and John Chernin, the show was in its sophomore season.

Logistically, Hulu does seem to be the right home for the show - they already have the streaming rights for it and beyond that, they have a reputation for delivering great comedy.

Fox has officially pulled the plug on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and fans across the internet are not shying away from sharing their outraged feels! The series also starred Andre Braugher, Chelsea Peretti, Terry Crews and Jo Lo Truglia.

Regardless of how things play out, people close to the show are optimistic that we have not seen the last of Detective Jake Peralta and the gang.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is a hit comedy series that focuses around the 99th precinct of the New York Police Department.

Such could be the case for Brooklyn Nine-Nine which, hours after being canceled at Fox after a five-season run, has become the talk of the industry with other outlets taking notice of the worldwide outpouring of support. Along with this show FOX also canceled The Last Man on Earth and The Mick. "But also, our show does very well in the Live+7 setting, and we're one of the most-watched live-action shows on Hulu".

"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the fans leading the charge to renew the show.

Hulu now runs new Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes the day after they air on Fox, so it would make sense for them to become the show's new home.