Ebola reported in DR Congo

  • Ebola reported in DR Congo

Ebola reported in DR Congo

A new Ebola outbreak has killed 17 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo as of May 3. This location also housed the International Medical Commission's (IMC) radio station.

In his Twitter who said he received the confirmation of the outbreak from the officials of the Congo after two of the five samples analysed in Kinshasa tested positive for Ebola.A group of who experts and regional officers of health and staff of the worldwide medical charity organization "doctors without borders" (MSF) sent to Bikoro as part of a coordinated medical response.

Congo's government on Tuesday announced a fresh outbreak of Ebola in the nation's rural northwest, following two instances of the deadly virus have been supported in Bikoro.

Hoping to stop the spread of Ebola to surrounding provinces and countries, the World Health Organization also released $1 million from a contingency fund to support its activities for the next three months.

This recent outbreak is DRC's ninth known outbreak of Ebola since 1976 when the deadly viral disease was first identified in then-Zaire by a Belgian-led team.

While a multidisciplinary team of experts is being set up and will be sent to the region in the coming days, the report notes that a team from Doctors Without Borders have already reached ground zero at Bikoro to scale up rapid response.

The situation on the ground in Bikoro, situated along Lake Tumba in Equateur Province is particularly challenging, given its distance from the capital and the limited availability of health services, WHO said.

The health facilities in Bikoro have very limited functionality and rely on global organizations to provide supplies that frequently stock out.

Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki says entry points like the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Busia and Malaba border points have been put on high alert after the outbreak claimed 17 lives in DRC.

Even if a person is living in, or has travelled to, affected areas, the risk of infection with Ebola virus is low, unless the person is directly exposed to bodily fluids of a dead or living infected person or animal.

Nigerians who are scared about the news for obvious reasons have taken to social media to lament their fears saying Nigerians are in trouble, if the virus comes to the country under this administration.

Four years ago, Ebola swept through West Africa killing more than 11,000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Ebola is one of the world's most notorious diseases, being both highly infectious and extremely lethal.

Ebola once again attached Africa.