Terry Rozier shoves Joel Embiid during scuffle

  • Terry Rozier shoves Joel Embiid during scuffle

Terry Rozier shoves Joel Embiid during scuffle

He knocked Boston reserve guard Shane Larkin out of the game with a hard, but clean, ball screen and hit Marcus Smart in the head while defending in the third quarter.

The Celtics, for a variety of different reasons, where not a good matchup for the Sixers.

I commend coach Brad Stevens throwing the towel in a little early, pulling all of the starters. A win Wednesday, and Philadelphia will push it to a Game 6 at home. "You just can't be as aggressive, and the game is very aggressive".

The Philadelphia 76ers are still alive in the playoffs.

Ben Simmons though claims Embiid responds well to the controversy.

Fittingly, Embiid led the 76ers with 11 points and eight rebounds and Rozier led the Celtics with eight points in the first half.

It apparently isn't a postseason series if Terry Rozier isn't getting into it with somebody. McConnell has been a huge help for the Sixers since replacing Robert Covington in Game 4. You bet they were. "They had a lot to say in here".

Morris was seen gesturing the score of the series to Embiid in a freakish moment on court - repeating it seven times.

On the ensuing inbound, Horford stole Simmons' pass to Embiid, sealing the win for the Celtics.

Morris wasn't having any of it, and he let his fingers do the talking.

It was cute. It was also meaningless to the future of this matchup. They just can't rely on him as their sole source of playmaking and shot-making, which is why the Celtics' defense has been so effective.

Rozier told the media there was "no bad blood" between the pair and they appeared to make peace after the Celtics' Game 7 victory, but Rozier showed up to Game 1 of the second round wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey.

Just stop calling for Embiid post-ups as if they're the ground-breaking solution to Boston's defense.