Mueller Refuses Trump Lawyers' Request to Respond in Writing to Interview Questions

  • Mueller Refuses Trump Lawyers' Request to Respond in Writing to Interview Questions

Mueller Refuses Trump Lawyers' Request to Respond in Writing to Interview Questions

As per usual, Donald Trump is pissed off right now.

Giuliani also told CBS News on Monday that Mueller had rejected an offer by the president's lawyers to answer questions in writing. What does this mean?

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah also zeroed in on Giuliani's first weeks on the job as Trump's defense attorney. The two men enjoy a close relationship, though, and have even begun excluding other lawyers from discussions about major decisions, including whether the president will sit for an interview with the special counsel's office. Essentially all Kimmel did was was go over two of Giuliani's verbatim pronouncements clause by clause, causing his studio audience to repeatedly erupt in laughter-that's how nonsensical Giuliani's statements have been. "You take a look at what I said". Trump was irked by Giuliani's interview on ABC News Sunday, particularly the clip of Giuliani refusing to rule out him pleading the Fifth Amendment, which has since played on a near-constant loop on cable television. It's about going on TV shows, which is what Rudy Giuliani wants. Given the fact that the guy is a complete moron, he's also not going to stop screwing up Donald Trump's legal cases. After 9/11, when he was still the face of the city, Giuliani became for many "America's mayor". "I didn't know - he did?" replied the host of "The Sean Hannity Show".

Tonight at 11/10c, Rudy Giuliani doesn't know the facts, but he knows Trump didn't break any laws.

He began: "After 36 hours of wild, free-wheeling nearly unhinged interviews on the president's behalf last week, during which he directly contradicted the statements the president made about the payment to Stormy Daniels, to the point where the president himself had to say Giuliani is new and doesn't know all the facts, what did Giuliani do?"

What's more, Mr. Giuliani acknowledged that Michael Cohen could have paid off other women as well.

Thus the facts - an unambiguous statement by Trump that he knew nothing about the payment and a statement by Cohen that he made the payment from a personal home equity line of credit, while not saying whether he had been reimbursed and by whom. "There's no proof of any kind that I take too much alcohol".

A mutual pal like Giuliani - one who stood by him in the darkest hour - might be Trump's key to ending the Mueller probe legally before it ends his presidency. The last client that Giuliani represented in a court was well over a decade ago and that was the opiod industry who ended up paying more than $600 million because Giuliani couldn't get him off the hook.

Collins then went on to explain that Trump had originally brought Giuliani on board because he believed the former NY mayor's more aggressive approach would somehow intimidate Mueller into closing down the Russian Federation probe.