Lions Club Peace Officers Luncheon and Memorial Service

  • Lions Club Peace Officers Luncheon and Memorial Service

Lions Club Peace Officers Luncheon and Memorial Service

"Join us in welcoming these courageous officers as they journey through our county [Tuesday] and give them a warm welcome and pray for their safety as they go to Washington, D.C".

"Every year, we have several members of the police department who spend the whole year raising money for the Law Enforcement United charity fund", he said.

During the 85th Legislative Session, Governor Abbott signed House Bill 3647, which established the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony as an annual event.

"All of us are riding for a particular officer that's going on the wall that year so we have a bracelet that we wear the entire time so you get to have some reflection time", said Sgt. Justin Kilgore. They presented each officer and family members with a special shoulder patch.

100% of the proceeds support police non-profits and camps for kids who lost a loved one. "We need to share their stories, we need to share who there were, we need their families to hear their names for all to hear so we never forget".

"It's a humbling experience because along that route we have survivors that actually ride with us", Lt. Williams said.

Law enforcement from all over the state and spectators stood silently as with each name, an officer ascended the Capitol steps to represent the fallen. This year, the team has raised almost $16,000 for the organization. "Today's event is our way to honor each of them and show that they will forever be a part of the Pennsylvania State Police". The officers planned to depart this morning for Atlantic City, N.J., where they will begin a three-day trek to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The 250 plus mile journey is expected to take two-and-a-half days.