Watch Donald Glover Host, Childish Gambino Debut 2 Songs On SNL

  • Watch Donald Glover Host, Childish Gambino Debut 2 Songs On SNL

Watch Donald Glover Host, Childish Gambino Debut 2 Songs On SNL

Childish Gambino put the country in straight awe with the debut of the visual to his track, "This Is America".

Donald Glover made his triumphant return to sketch comedy last night, having taken a few years off to prove he could do pretty much everything else in the world too. Childish Gambino performed two brand new songs, "Saturday" and "This Is America".

In just four minutes, and with help from frequent Atlanta director and longtime collaborator Hiro Murai, Gambino manages to highlight the 2015 Charleston mass shooting, the Black Lives Matter movement, and America's gun epidemic.

Will Heath/NBCIt was a big weekend for Childish Gambino, also known as the actor Donald Glover.

Fans have been dissecting the various dance moves in the video, with many determining they represent an overall distraction from the chaos that is happening in the background.

Many people and celebrities are taking to social media to compare and contrast their thoughts on exactly what message the artist was attempting to convey as well as giving Glover overall praise. It's obvious what he's trying to say here - gun violence needs to stop.

"This is America" is the most powerful and pointed reality check in the form of a music video, since Kendrick Lamar - standing upon a graffiti-covered police vehicle with a threadbare American flag waving in the background - so beautifully articulated in his seminal 2015 album, To Pimp a Butterfly, the preeminent protest song of our generation - "Alright". But alas, Glover was affixed to his phone so when he started to see and then read aloud Yeezy's tweet storm from earlier this week, the group couldn't keep their mouths shut. The conversation of gun violence has re surged, as it is almost impossible for anyone with a pair of working eyes to be oblivious to the blatant message being allocated.