How to Set Alexa As the Default Assistant on Android

  • How to Set Alexa As the Default Assistant on Android

How to Set Alexa As the Default Assistant on Android

Microsoft and Amazon's integration of their digital personal assistants is getting closer, the companies demonstrated at a Microsoft technology conference Monday, though they still don't have a date for public availability. At first, the resulting partnership solution seemed like a convoluted way to access data from either Microsoft's Cortana agent or Amazon's wildly popular Alexa assistant. It is the first known portfolio of podcasts to be made simultaneously available on both Alexa and Google Assistant in the UK.

Microsoft has partnered with drone giant DJI to create a new SDK just for Windows 10 PCs and DJI's SDK will allow more than 700 million Windows 10 connected devices, full control and access to real-time data. Details of the partnership were spelled out a bit more, but it's still in its early days as neither company was ready to announce a concrete release time.

Alexa is the preferred assistant of some because of the thousands of skills available. They will then be able to long press the home button on their Android device to call up Alexa, without having to open the app. Microsoft's Cortana also supports this functionality. Saunders then commanded Cortana to send an email to Tom Taylor, Amazon's senior vice president of Alexa, who was standing across the stage from her. The voice changed to Alexa and Taylor ordered an Uber to get to the restaurant. Users will still be able to say their wake command (such as "Ok Google" or "Hey Google") to bring up the Google Assistant. "We both have experience with rings, although hers is more of a Halo".

Microsoft unveiled the "Your Phone" app for Windows 10 which is created to mirror a phone straight to a desktop PC while it will also let Windows 10 users access texts, notifications, photos. It is a well-planned integration where the users can have the best of both worlds.