Trump knife crime comment angers British doctors

  • Trump knife crime comment angers British doctors

Trump knife crime comment angers British doctors

And as he has told the National Rifle Association in a recent speech, he believes that the record-high knife crime rates in the British capital city of London would go down if the United Kingdom let their strict gun laws loose and allowed for every British citizen to be packing firearms.

Calling France's gun laws "the toughest in the world", he described how terrorists had "brutally" shot and killed 130 people at Parisian nightlife spots in the November 2015 attacks. He has one theory that if the teachers in American schools were all armed with guns and trained to use them, then there would be far less school shootings in the US.

"The shameful comments and obscene antics of Donald Trump say a lot about what he thinks about France and her values", Hollande said in a statement, as reported by France24. "What more could I say?"

Trump mimicked the 2015 Paris deadly attack and said if people were carrying arms "it would have been a whole different story".

In response the French government expressed disapproval of Mr Trump's comments and demanded "that the memory of the victims be respected" in a statement.

"They don't have guns ... they have knives and instead there's blood all over the floors of this hospital", he said.

"The statistics on gun crime victims do not make us want to change this choice", it said.

London suffered a spike in knife crime early this year, and saw more murders during February and March than NY.

In another reference to terror attacks commited with Trucks and other vehicles, which in Nice alone left 86 dead and 458 injured, the President ironically said that "we are going to have to outlaw, immidietally, all vans and all trucks which are now the new form of death for the maniac terrorists".

'They don't have guns. He also said that a hospital in the city - an arbitrary hospital that he did not name - was "as bad as a military war zone" in the bloodbath that was going on there.

But on Saturday he implied Trump had drawn the wrong conclusion from his remarks, saying on Twitter that he would be happy to invite Trump to his "prestigious" hospital to discuss London's efforts to reduce violence.

While making the knife crime comment, Trump was apparently referring to a comment Dr. Martin Griffiths, a surgeon at The Royal Hospital, made to BBC 4 a month ago, where he admitted his hospital was likened to an Afghan war zone.

The director of London's major trauma system, Dr. Karim Brohi, said in a statement that knife violence is indeed "a serious issue for London". "Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more hard to fix".