Kanye West Banned From Detroit Radio Station Over Recent Comments

  • Kanye West Banned From Detroit Radio Station Over Recent Comments

Kanye West Banned From Detroit Radio Station Over Recent Comments

Donald Trump took to the stage at the NRA convention in Dallas to share his support for the Second Amendment and to outline what he's accomplished over the last 15 months.

If you have not been following along with the conversations surrounding Kanye, one of the statements he said revolved around slavery. U.S.' granted equal rights to African-Americans in 1865 after the Civil War but it took a law in 1965 that ensured African-Americans across the USA could cast a vote. Support among African-American women also increased during the time, jumping from three percent to nine percent. Overall, his approval rating sits at 41.4 percent, according to Reuters.

West, who earlier tweeted a picture of a signed hat expressing Mr Trump's slogan Make America Great Again, raps in the song: "I never, ever stop fighting for the people, actually wearing a hat to show people that we equal". "I just love Trump, that's my boy". I don't agree with everything Trump does.

He also spoke about his reasons for meeting with Trump in 2016, saying: "I'm not going to let myself off easy by saying I met with Trump because I was going through something..."

The lawmaker was referring to relics in the coast of West Africa where people were enslaved and sold to the Americas.

The president retweeted one of West's posts, and wrote: "Thank you Kanye, very cool!" Will.I.Am said the comment "broke my heart" and filmmaker Spike Lee responded, "My Brother, OUR ancestors did not choose to be stolen from mother Africa".

West is facing tremendous backlash after he claimed that slavery was a choice during an interview with TMZ on Tuesday. After seeing the media outcry, West insisted he was being "attacked for presenting new ideas" and called his comment "just an idea". I ask all concerned and bothered hip-hop consumers to boycott Adidas, Def Jam, Kanye West music, fashion, merchandise and shows until his weirdo episodes are nonexistent and West brings the old Kanye back.