Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

  • Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

For those who have fond memories of fathers and sons forging family bonds around the campfire, the Boy Scouts of America's announcement that it is revamping to add daughters and sisters - girls - to the mix may be a little, well, disheartening. "We need our girls to lift each other up and that is what the Girl Scouts do", says Garger. The Boy Scouts, as we knew them, are dead. The changes have left many with questions. Ranks like Cub Scouts and Eagle Scouts, will keep their names.

But the decision didn't impress the Girl Scout organization, which noted no new, "girl specific" programming.

"We want our girls to be advocates for change", she says.

Snoddy leads 50 boys in his troop. The program provides a new student with a school buddy. She plans on being apart of both organizations. Numerous other girls that worked there had been involved in Venturing starting at age 14, but others, myself included, had no experience with the BSA before arriving to work. 300 have signed up for the Cub Scout Program for grades 1-4. The Blue Mountain Council has participated in this Early Adopter program, with their first all-girls den joining Pack 117 in Kennewick this past January.

Thomas is an Eagle Scout, and scouting is now something he shares with four of his boys.

The reason, though, is pretty straightforward, as Boy Scouts of America plainly shares: It's a business decision created to build membership, membership that has seen sharp declines since the 4 million-plus scouts the organization had at its peak.

"The kids were making fun of her, that's only for boys", said Albizo, "and this really just verifies like girls can be a part of this, girls can do this".

What are your thoughts on this progressive change?

Boy Scouts of America is rebranding-and it's dropping gender-specificity from one of its well-known programs. In 2015, it allowed gay adults to serve as employees and volunteers. Today, the Girls Scouts wanted an equal opportunity.

The intent of the BSA is clear: To make all types of programs available to all youth, while still maintaining a single-gender aspect for those parents and families who see value in that. Children will also earn the same type of badges and honors as they did before the name change.

Girls already started enrolling as Cub Scouts this year and more than 3,000 have reportedly joined so far. "Old Scout oath 'Be Prepared.' New oath 'Be Pretty'".

McDonald believes the change is good, and says he has not received or heard any backlash since the change was announced.

The name change follows various other changes implemented within the organization.

In a continued appeal to girls, the Boy Scouts of America announced that it will drop the "boy" from its namesake program next February.