Trump Conditionally Agrees to Mueller Interview, Again

  • Trump Conditionally Agrees to Mueller Interview, Again

Trump Conditionally Agrees to Mueller Interview, Again

I would love to.

"Bringing somebody with experience in dealing with an adversarial situation", Sale said, "is the best way to have the parties cool down and find a fair resolution without going to war". "Witch Hunt!" Trump tweeted on Wednesday. Or to use another metaphor: "Mueller would know that trying to interview Ivanka Trump would be like lighting a match to the highly combustible Donald Trump", theorizes Elizabeth de la Vega, a former federal prosecutor who worked under Mueller as USA attorney.

"You have a group of investigators that are all Democrats", Trump said of Mueller and his team.

'The problem we have is, we have 13 people and they're all Democrats - real Democrats. "Now if they do do Ivanka, which I don't think they will, the whole country will turn on them".

The New York Times reported in January that McGahn threatened to resign a year ago when Trump ordered Mueller to be fired.

"Comey. does provide lots of scenes, backstory and details, many of which have been exhaustively reported in the frenzy surrounding the book's coming publication". The former federal prosecutor, however, raised a number of questions about Trump's actions and motivations in a series of media interviews this week. With North Korea, China, the Middle East and so much more, there is not much time to be thinking about this, especially since there was no Russian "Collusion". "They say, 'That's obstruction of justice.' It is nonsense", he said.

Cobb's retirement comes as the president's personal legal team has been negotiating the terms of a possible sit-down between Trump and Mueller's team.

Giuliani is "learning the subject matter, and he's going to be issuing a statement, too, but he is a great guy", Trump said.

It's still unclear whether Mueller's investigators will be able to ask Trump any questions - or whether these are the ones they would ask.

Watch a clip of the president's comments above via CNN.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump's new attorney, said in an interview on Fox News that Trump fired Comey past year because Comey would not state "that he wasn't a target" of the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation. The Justice Department says that "dozens of members and staff from both parties" have viewed thousands of classified documents and House staff even have temporary office space in the department to review additional materials.

The standoff between Dowd and Mueller led to weeks of turmoil, according to the Post, as Trump's legal team determined how to respond to Mueller's request for an interview with Trump.

Trump believes "he can win the political fight even if he's forced to testify", said the source. In fact, against my lawyers, because most lawyers, they never speak on anything.

In the book, Comey tells his side of the story - from his inquiry into the Clinton emails to his firing by President Donald Trump.