Samsung and Oath agree to deal to put apps on Verizon phones

  • Samsung and Oath agree to deal to put apps on Verizon phones

Samsung and Oath agree to deal to put apps on Verizon phones

According to The Bell, the Galaxy S10 will measure in at 5.8 inches, while big sibling the Galaxy S10 Plus will get a 6.3-inch display, so the duo will be roughly the same size as the S9 and S9 Plus.

A report from a reliable source revealed the status of two major Samsung Galaxy S10 features, as well as the smartphone's codename.

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The latest report also mentions that the company has informed FOD companies that it's going to introduce an in-display fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy S10.

Enjoying your shiny new Galaxy S9?

With the current market, rushing towards adding AI enabled features to their phones, Samsung is expected to do the same with the Galaxy S10.

However, this isn't the average early launch rumor. It also claims that the phone supply will take three months to assemble, which would likely see the launch window arrive just in time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Meanwhile, industry sources believe that the Galaxy S10 could be unveiled earlier than its predecessor next year.

While the Galaxy S9 is an impressive beast, the front-facing face-sensing tech on the front of the camera might be its weakest area. The module would presumably function a lot like the Face ID feature on Apple's iPhone X, enabling advanced facial recognition capabilities.

Are we fools for expecting Samsung to stick to its previous release schedule?

The Galaxy S9 was launched on the eve of MWC 2018 and one would have expected the company to stick with the same timeframe for its 10th anniversary flagship.

The screen could be the most important novelty for users, since it would double in half, using the flexible OLED screens that the company has implemented in different generations of Galaxy S and Note phones, with some improvements.