Almost 3 Million Pennsylvanians Impacted by Facebook Privacy Breach

  • Almost 3 Million Pennsylvanians Impacted by Facebook Privacy Breach

Almost 3 Million Pennsylvanians Impacted by Facebook Privacy Breach

Facebook's policies allowed developers to access the personal data of "friends" of people who used certain applications - without the knowledge or consent of the users.

The businesses issued a statement on Wednesday, saying they had started bankruptcy proceedings, blaming a "siege of media coverage" related to the Facebook data-harvesting scandal for the decision.

"As a result, it has been determined that it is no longer viable to continue operating the business, which left Cambridge Analytica with no realistic alternative to placing the company into administration", it added. However, close scrutiny from lawmakers, as well as changes to the Facebook platform and the types of data companies have the ability to access, will hopefully limit the reach of Cambridge Analytica, Emerdata, or any other similar firm.

The firm is now facing allegations of improper use of data on 87 million Facebook users which was hired by President Donald Trump's 2016 USA election campaign.

Cambridge Analytica also hired an outside lawyer to investigate the allegations.

The biggest cheer during Zuckerberg's keynote - outside of his announcement that everyone in the building was getting a free Oculus Go - came when the CEO announced it was reopening app reviews that had been paused after the Cambridge Analytica news broke.

In a secret recording by a journalist posing as a fixer for a wealthy Sri Lankan family seeking to get candidates elected, Nix claimed that Cambridge Analytica ran "all" of the elements of the Trump presidential campaign.

According to Shapiro, it is not yet known how many Facebook users there are overall in Pennsylvania.

Mr Zuckerberg has said it was a mistake to rely on Cambridge Analytica to delete tens of millions of Facebook users' data and has apologised for the "major breach of trust".

Cambridge Analytica has announced that it would file for bankruptcy and cease most of its operations.

While Facebook had previously admitted that almost 5.62 lakh people in India were "potentially affected" by the data breach incident, Cambridge Analytica had claimed that it does not have any Facebook data on Indian citizens. As freelance journalist Wendy Siegelman and Business Insider reported last month, two members of the Mercer family - major backers of conservative political causes whose money and management was key to Cambridge Analytica from the beginning - have joined the board of Emerdata.

As authorities continue to investigate the use of the data of millions of people, here's a look at what the bankruptcy filings in the United Kingdom and USA mean for the probe. Even the search engine giant, Google also brought this feature, so it lets the users download the full archive of data from all Google accounts.