Coli Outbreak Tied to Romaine Lettuce

  • Coli Outbreak Tied to Romaine Lettuce

Coli Outbreak Tied to Romaine Lettuce

The recent outbreak of E. coli linked to romaine lettuce has made its way into MA.

The government now has reports of 121 people who got sick in 25 states. Fifty-two people are in the hospital, and 14 have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is a kind of kidney failure. CDC is advising consumers not to eat or buy romaine lettuce if they do not know where it was grown.

No details about the victim were immediately released except that the person was in California, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC urges people not to eat romaine lettuce unless it can be confirmed it didn't come from the Yuma region. The restaurants reported using bagged, chopped romaine lettuce to make salads.

MI is included in the multi-state recall with two known infections, the CDC reports that the death was reported in California in its latest update.

Genetic testing shows that the E.coli strain involved in the outbreak produces a specific type of "Shiga toxin" that causes more severe illness, Wise explained. As of the update Wednesday, the illness onset dates for the outbreak victims range from March 13 to April 21.

According to McCullough, individuals who ate romaine lettuce and are experiencing diarrhea should contact their health care provider. However, the agency has not determined where in the supply chain the contamination occurred. However, FDA has not associated that farm with the rest of the multistate outbreak affecting 24 other states. But most infections are believed to be linked to chopped romaine.

The Washington Post said the outbreak is "approaching the scale of the 2006 baby spinach E. coli illness outbreak when 205 people became sick and five of them died". Restaurants and retailers are also being advised to ask their suppliers about where their lettuce comes from.

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